'My People Perish for Lack of Knowledge'

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TOPICS: How a few people can change a nation - The importance of peaceful protests - The higher potential for Korea - No need for corruption - Honesty is the new business principle - A new economy for the people - The challenge of accepting the Golden Age - 

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, May 3rd, 2017, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given at a conference in Seoul, Korea.

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary and it is my great joy to open this gathering of your beautiful hearts, in this beautiful city, in this beautiful nation, on this beautiful continent of Asia. Here, so many people have for so long been devoted to the flame of the Divine Mother, whether they have seen it as the beautiful Goddess Kuan Yin or any other of the manifestations of the Divine Mother known on this continent throughout the ages.

My beloved, if I had told you last July that within a year the Korean people would have staged mass protests, peaceful demonstrations, that would have led to the impeachment of your President, would you have believed me back then? I dare say that many people would not have believed that it would be possible to see the changes you have seen in the Korean nation over these last few months. Not only at the government level but also in your biggest corporation, which some might say is also the government level due to the influence it has on the political process in your country. 




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Party for Love Governance warns we approach

the End of the World as we know it..

Second part of article is in Dutch

NIBURU COMING? ... I have been investigating this for over 15 years and believe that it is quite possible that Niburu ( Planet X ) is a real existing planet that threatens the balance of our own planetary system. Because of disinformation, speculation and denial from officials, it is quite understandable that most people don't take it seriously.

Now that almost every week there is more information and evidence, we as the Party for Love Governance, think it is time that Niburu should be on top of the agenda. Even if we are wrong ( and I hope we are ! ) , we think we should make people aware of what might come... and of the tremendous deception they have been subjected to by our governments and the elite or cabal as it is called nowadays..

The implications, if this were to be true, are so enormous, that indeed most people will faint by overseeing the consequences. As a spiritual minded human being I have always taken the prophecies of old and the revelations of the bible and other Holy Books as serious warnings and as I stated many times before in my articles, we are living in Apocalyptic times.

Love & Light,

Roeland Solcer

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Waarschuwing voor het Nederlandse Volk

"IK BEN RAPHAEL, een boodschapper van God en ik spreek tot de hele wereld:

De Dag des Oordeels is nabij evenals Gods Koninkrijk, dat nader is dan handen en voeten. Zoek eerst het Koninkrijk en al het andere zal u worden gegeven".

Wij hebben in het verleden via de website van de Partij voor de Liefde, een waarschuwing laten uitgaan over een grote astroïde (of komeet) die onze aarde zal treffen. Ons eerste bericht is van 27 Augustus van dit jaar en er is een update gegeven op 9 September. De oudere berichten zijn onder deze laatste update te vinden.

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A dictation from Mother Mary:  Advanced teachings on the human self

TOPICS: Loving yourself - What is a fallen being? - Does God love the outer self? - How you look at the outer self - Separating spirituality and daily life - Difficulties of being in embodiment - Hiding from Mother Mary - Why you need an outer self - Why you need to love your enemy - Making the outer self irrelevant - Mother Mary is not a fallen being - Spiritual pride - How to ascend - Stop judging yourself -

This dictation was given by the Ascended Master Mother Mary on May 22, 2015 as the opening dictation of the conference "Freeing Europe from Anti-Love" in Zutphen The Netherlands, through the messenger Kim Michaels.

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English spoken with Dutch subtitles:

Dutch : Paul T Hellyer is voormalig Minister van Defensie in Canada. Hij geeft een zeer openhartige en opzienbarende onthulling over de gevaren van de NWO / VS. Hij bevestigt o.a. het bestaan van E.T's en legt uit dat de elite in feite bezig is de plannen van Hitler voort te zetten. Zet de ondertiteling aan, rechtsonder in de balk!  NL ondertiteld

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JFK speaks out against the NWO. Look up Executive Order 11110 it would have taken the strongest power away from the elite. This is the real reason he was killed along with his brother RFK. Educate yourselves and spread the word. Tough times are ahead and you can only prepare when you are aware.

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