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A Celebration of Humanity - Global Love Day - May 1, 2012


global love day




We are one humanity on this planet.

All life is interconnected and interdependent.

All share in the Universal bond of love.

Love begins with self acceptance and forgiveness.

With respect and compassion we embrace diversity.

Together we make a difference through love.


We introduced this unique initiative in 2004 and have since connected with individuals and organizations from over 145 countries, presently have 48 volunteer country, regional, and state coordinators, our fliers are in 36 languages (all available to download on our site) and as of today, we have 350 combined proclamations and greetings from governors, mayors, city councils and other prominent elected officials. 



Held in conjunction with Global Love Day each year, we are now accepting your art, essay and/or poetry submissions for our related ninth annual Art, Essay and Poetry Invitational. This is an awesome way to involve our youth along with those of us young at heart. Guidelines available on our site and the postmark cut-off date this year for submissions is March 31, 2012.

 Many of you are already beginning to share your amazing ideas and local community plans for celebration on May 1 - it is going to be a fantastic year!  Here are a few examples of how people are sharing the love this year...




TLF Love Ambassador Sylvia Klaere is hosting the BIG HUG on May 1st. To find out more about this special event, visit their site atwww.bighug-2012.de 




Danish Ahmed and our friends at Ordinary Words, Inc., created another special video entitled "What Is Love?" in honor of Global Love Day. View video.


Others have been emailing us with their inspired ideas and plans; visiting local orphanages, hospitals and elder care facilities, giving out hugs and passing out flowers, gathering with friends and family to share a meal, donating their time and food to local shelters, or simply meditating or doing yoga... love will be expressing in infinite ways.


Send us your plans and we''ll post examples of them on our site. Need some ideas? Take a moment to review the Global Love Day web pages for some initial suggestions on how you can join the fun.


Visit www.thelovefoundation.com or www.globalloveday.org

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