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In my upbringing as a child of a Christian family, i never heard of the "Rapture". It was only about 7 years ago that i first was introduced to this subject, surfing the internet. The longer i pondered on it, the more it fascinated me. Making a long story short, i stumbled upon this Youtube channel and the Holy Spirit inspired me to share this information with you. I believe it is very important information for these End Times we live in for everyone who believes in Jesus Christ, who also is my Lord and Saviour.

Love & Light, Roeland Solcer


Introduction ( from the website:  https://dayofthelord2020.webs.com/ )

We are right at the end of 6000 years since Creation according to the Bible. Just as God created the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th and one day is as a thousand years according to Scripture, so also at the end of the 6000 years, Christ will return to the earth to rule and reign for 1000 years. Mr. Obama was chosen on the 7th day of Tabernacles in 2009 to receive the Nobel Peace Prize and then given the award just a few hours before the start of Kislev 24, the 2 dates mentioned in Haggai 2 regarding the Lord shaking the heavens and the earth and bringing the desired of all nations to Himself. These 2 dates are incredibly significant in this puzzle. I believe this was the start of Daniel’s 70th week (see Daniel 9:27). 1260 days after Mr. Obama was chosen as the Nobel Peace Prize winner, he went to the Church of the Nativity, which was a temple fortress that had been desecrated by armed forces and considered by many to be the most holy place on the earth, and he stood where he did not belong, and stopped the daily sacrifice and offering from taking place on that day. He rode into Jerusalem on a borrowed beast, just as Christ had done, right on the 10th day of Nisan on the Jewish calendar and then the abomination took place right on the 11th day of Nisan, which was the very date that Christ spoke to His disciples about the abomination event. Daniel tells us that from this date, there will be 1290 days, which ended on the Feast of Trumpets in 2016.

So, after the abomination event on March 22, 2013, we had a 40-day probationary period as was foreshadowed to us in the story of Jonah that ended on the true 7th day of Unleavened Bread on God’s calendar. Daniel gives us a 1260 and 1335-day count that both started at this time, at the end of the 40-day probationary period, and ended on the Day of Atonement and on the start of Hanukkah in 2016. At the end of the 40 days, however, we saw how that the Bride of Christ came together for 3 days of fasting and prayer for the Lord to have mercy on America. This was also foreshadowed to us in the story of Jonah and of Queen Esther. Mercy was granted and judgment was delayed. If you think this delay just happened and was not shown to us in the Bible, you are very wrong. Because God is all-knowing, He knew ahead of time that this would happen and He hid this delay in His Word. We are shown in Matthew 25 and Revelation 10 that the coming of the Bridegroom will be delayed. The 70th week of Daniel stopped at this point and the desolation event was delayed by 4 years.

The Rapture Puzzle Summery

My Story:

Hi guys.

So I wanted to share the story of how the Rapture Puzzle book came to be and a little of my testimony with you. I was brought up in a Christian home and became a Christian at the age of 13. I had a radical encounter with the Lord that led me to surrender my life to Him and I was able to hear His voice from the day I accepted Him as my Savior. I have now been a Christian for over 32 years and have been in full-time ministry for nearly 25 years serving as a missionary in Asia.

I have an amazing husband and 5 wonderful children who all love Jesus.The relationship that I have with the Lord has led me through many decisions I have made throughout my life. Hearing His voice and following what He has told me to do has led me to where I am at today. I could give numerousexamples of how the Lord spoke to me to do something and I obeyed and it led to great reward or He told me that something would take place and it happened exactly as He said it would or instances where He just led me to do something or notto do something and it turned out to be the right decision. I cannot tell you of any incidences where He spoke to me and it was not true or led me into making a terrible decision that I later regretted.

He has always led me into all truth and made my pathstraight as I have followed His voice.The Lord speaks to me as a friend and has told me on numerous occasions that I can hear His voice more clearly than most other believers. I do not say this to boast or brag, just to let you know that I do hear Him speak and that He speaks clearly to me and I can quote word for word what He says to me because that is how clearly He speaks.So I want to share with you what took place in December 2000 that all led to me writing and finishing the Rapture Puzzle Book. This book has been a work in progress and I started writing it back in 2012, so it took over 7 years to complete.I am still adding small sections to the book as the Lord continues to show me things. It started back in 2000 so it took me nearly 20 years to put all of the pieces of the puzzle in place.Anyway, back to December 2000.

This is when the Lord started to give me the puzzle pieces. At the time, I had no idea that He was giving me pieces to a puzzle and it would not be until around January 2013 that I would finally figure that out. For 12 years, I felt so confused and even as if the Lord had deceived me somehow because I did not understand that He was only giving me puzzle pieces that would all come together to point to very specific dates for the rapture and Second Coming of Christ to the earth. From December 2000 until December 2012, I thought the Lord was showing me the timing of the rapture and did not realize He was only giving me pieces to a big puzzle that would eventually all fit together. So,in December 2000, the Lord came to me while I was praying and told me that He was coming to me as He came to Solomon and would give me one thing. He told me to think carefully before I decided because He would give me whatever I asked of Him.

After considering for some time what to ask, I came back to Him with my 2 greatest desires. The first was that when I stood before Him on Judgment Day that I would stand before Him with a pure heart and that He would be pleased with how I had lived my life. My second greatest desire was that He would use my life to reach millions of people for His Kingdom. I could not decide which desire was greater until I thought of the verse that says you can gain the whole world but lose your own soul. I considered that it could bepossible for me to win the world for Christ and in the process lose my own soul. So I told the Lord that if I could only choose one thing, it would be the first. He told me that I had chosen wisely.

 Very shortly after this took place, I had a dream about my grandma who had died about 9 years earlier. I was so close to her and she had a tremendous influence on my life and decision to follow the Lord. The dream was so real and it seemed as if I had spent the entire night just talking to her and with her. When I woke up, my heart felt so happy as if I had really been with her. One thing we used to do together often was put puzzles together. She loved doing puzzles. I didn’t love puzzles that much at the time, but I just loved spending time with her so would join her in those huge puzzles that would take weeks to finish.

My love for puzzles started during those many hours we worked on them together. Little did I know at that time that the Lord was about to give me the greatest puzzle of all time to put together and that He was about to give me the first piece to that puzzle.Shortly after the dream, the Lord spoke to me and said that January 1stisthe Gentile Feast of Trumpets. I was not much into Bible prophecy, but I had heard about the Feast of Trumpets and knew some Christians taught that the rapture would happen on the Feast of Trumpets, so I wondered if the Lord was telling me that the rapture would happen on January 1st, which was just days away. I was very excited. Nothing happened and I wondered what Hemeant. On January 4th, at around 1 am, the Lord spoke to me and said these words: “You will be as John the Baptist and will write something that will help save millions of people from the coming deception.
Just as My voice is like a trumpet and the last day of Creation that I spoke was the 6thday, so also at the end of the 6thday and start of the 7th, the last trumpet will sound. Wait up for Me to come to you at the end of the 6thday.” I remember waking up my husband and telling him what the Lord has spoken to me. I then went downstairs and called my sisters living in America and told them what the Lord had said. I was overwhelmed. I remember feeling like Mary, when the angel appeared to her and told her that she would give birth to Jesus, the Son of God. I felt like, why did the Lord choose me? I am not anyone special, just an ordinary person. The Lord was not only giving me the first desire of my heart but also the second. He was going to use me to help save millions of people. I wrote a letter and sent it out to many end-time prophecy ministries and people that I knew telling them that the rapture would take place at the end of January 6 or start of January 7. I assumed that was what the Lord was telling me and that somehow by just writing that letter,millions of people would come to know the Lord. I had no idea at the time that He was just giving me puzzle pieces and starting me on a 20-year journey.
I waited up on January 6th and was just having a wonderful conversation with the Lord. I can remember telling Him just before midnight that I was starting to get sleepy and asking when He would come. He told me just to wait a little longer. A few minutes after midnight, I was looking out the window sitting on my couch when suddenly my entire body began to shake violently. This lasted for maybe a minute or so. It started suddenly and ended suddenly. My first thought was that perhaps the dead in Christ had just resurrected and now we were about to be raptured. I asked the Lord what the shaking was and He told me to just wait. A minute or so later, my body began to shake violently again. During this second shaking, my mouth began to tingle, like the feeling you get when you foot falls asleep, but the feeling was in my mouth, and especially around my lips. I asked the Lord why my lips were tingling and He said it represented when Isaiah saw the Lord and the coals touched his lips and his sin was atoned for. The shaking stopped suddenly. I was overwhelmed and wondered what it all meant. I wondered if the rapture had just happened and I had been left behind. I had so many questions. I felt the Lord wrap His loving arms around me and felt like He was hugging me. He assured me of His love for me and told me that I needed to study the Jewish festivals and that I could go to bed.
I assumed He would explain everything to me the next morning so I went to bed and fell asleep. The next day came and went with no explanation. And everyday came and went for nearly 12 years with no explanation. I knew what the Lord had said and I studied the feasts and I tried to figure everything out, but I just couldn’t. I felt very alone and confused during those 12 years and the Lord just kept telling me to wait and that one day all of my questions would be answered and I would understand everything. The only thing that really happened during those 12 years was that the Church of the Nativity was raided in the Spring of 2002, 1290 days before the Day of Atonement in 2005. The Lord showed me that this was the temple fortress that was desecrated by armed forces and was the holy place referred to by Jesus in Matthew 24. I knew that one day, the abomination that causes desolation would take place there. Other than that, I knew the 7thday was significant and also discovered that we were living atthe end of 6000 years since the Creation, ready to start the New Millennium.
I kind of threw out the whole January 1stthing because I figured the Lord was just trying to show me about the significance of the end of the 6thday and start of the 7thday. Istill did not know that all of these things were pieces in a puzzle.The Lord began to speak to me again about these things in August 2012, which is when I started my YouTube channel. He clearly pointed me to the 7thday of Tabernacles. Once again, I assumed He was telling me that the rapture would happen on that day. When it did not, I became angry and asked the Lord why He was deceiving me. I was so hurt. I had waited for almost 12 years and when He finally leads me to a date, nothing happened again. After a couple of days of being angry and hurt, I came back to the Lord and told Him I was sorry for my terrible attitude and asked for His forgiveness. He asked if I was ready to continue. I was shocked. I thought I was finished and it was all just some sort of test to see if I would obey and follow Him even if it seemed that He was deceiving me.
So I told Him that yes, I was ready to continue –still totally unaware that all of these things were puzzle pieces that He was giving to me that would eventually all make sense several years later. The next day He pointed me to was the 7thday of Hanukkah. I’m sure you can already guess –nothing happened on that day either. But by this time, I was starting to get the sense that it was leading somewhere. On February 14, 2013, I went to my ministry center and someone came into my office and gave me a gift. They said someone had just stopped by and asked that the gift be given to me. One of my daughters was in the office with me and asked what I thought it was. I just blurted out, “It’s a puzzle.” I have no idea how I knew that, but I just felt that it was a puzzle, even though I had never been given a puzzle before as a gift. I opened it, and sure enough, it was a puzzle. I thought, well that’s strange. No name. No idea who it was from.
I went home and put it together in just a few hours. It was the strangest puzzle I had ever done with no corner pieces of edge pieces and all of the pieces were different shapes and sizes. Some of the pieces were huge and others were tiny. It was a beautiful puzzle and as I looked at it, I felt the Lord’s presence. I remembered my grandmother and the dream I had had. I realized it was Valentine’s Day. And that’s when I realized this was all a puzzle and the Lord was just giving me one piece at a time and that one day, it would all come together and make perfect sense. It was in the same month of February 2013, when Mr. Obama announced his plan to go to Jerusalem. There was a lot of talk on some prophecy websites about him possibly standing at the Temple Mount and that being the abomination of desolation. I started to read that some people thought that 2009 was the start of Daniel’s 70thweek and saw that Mr. Obama had been chosen as the Nobel Peace Prize winner on the 7thday of Tabernacles in 2009 and then given the award just a few hours before the start of Kislev 24. I saw that Haggai 2 pointed to those exact dates in reference to the Lord shaking the heavens and the earth and bringing the desired of all nations to
I counted 1260 days from when Mr. Obama was chosen as the Nobel Peace Prize winner and came to March 22, 2013. I said to myself, if Mr. Obama goes to Bethlehem and stands at the grotto in the Church of the Nativity on that date, then that is the abomination of desolation and that means desolation is right after that, which should include the rapture event. But at that time, Mr. Obama had only mentioned about going to Jerusalem and nothing about going to Bethlehem. When he finally announced his plans to go to the Church of the Nativity, I could not believe it. It was finally happening. Some of you may be wondering how in the world Mr. Obama standing at the grotto was an abomination to the Lord and also how it stopped the daily sacrifice. Well, every single day, hundreds and often thousands of peoplefrom all over the worldline up at the Church of the Nativity to offer a sacrifice of praise and offering of thanksgiving to the Lord for coming to the earth to pay for their sins and give them eternal life. This is a sacrifice that is pleasing to the Lord.
On the day that Mr. Obama and his entourage went there, no one else was allowed to enter. The sacrifice of praise and offering of thanksgiving stopped on that day, and I can assure you that he did not go there to offer his praise or gratitude to Jesus for coming to the earth. While we do not know what might have happened as he stood at the grotto, what I am certain of is that his heart was not humble and he did not offer any thanks to Jesus or acknowledge him as the Lord.I’m sure one day we will all know exactly what Mr. Obama said, whether it was out loud or only in his private thoughts, that was such an abomination to the Lord on that day.Whatever it was, it was such an abomination to the Lord that it started a 40-day countdown to the desolation of America and much of the world.After this abomination took place, the Lord then pointed me to the 7thday of Unleavened Bread and showed me that the Jewish calendar was off by a month in 2013. I counted the days, and saw that it was 40 days from when the abomination was going to take place until when the desolation would occur –He was giving a 40-day grace period to America just like He did to Ninevah. I counted 1290 days from the abomination date and it reached the Feast ofTrumpets in 2016. I counted 1260 days from the true 7thday of Unleavened Bread and it reached the Day of Atonement in 2016.
I counted 1335 days from the same day and it reached the start of Hanukkah in 2016. Daniel 12 tells us that those who reach the end of the 1335 days will be blessed and Haggai 2 tells us that up until the 24thday of the 9thmonth, or Hanukkah Eve, no fruit is found on the fig tree, but that from this day forward we will be blessed. The blessed day is the first day of Hanukkah at theend of a 1335-day count and this will be the Second Coming of Christ to the earth. All of the numbers fit. I was so excited. But May 2, 2013, came and went without any rapture or desolation event. Once again, I was so confused. But too many pieces of the puzzle fit together for me to just throw out the puzzle and say it was not right. I had to be missing something, but what was it? About 5 months later, in October 2013, I was once again expressing my frustration to the Lord and asking Him why He did not come when the Scriptures so clearly pointed to May 2, 2013. I said, “Ninevah repented and you delayed your judgment.
This puzzle only makes sense if America repented, but they did not repent so why did you delay Your judgment?” The Lord replied, “Are you sure there was no repentance?” I said, “Yes I am quite certain I would have heard about it if America had repented.” He said, “You are missing something important. Find it.” That gave me hope–maybe I had missed something. So I typed into Google something like America repents May 2013 and found a site that was talking about this 3-day period of prayer and fasting that started on April 30 and lasted until May 2, 2013. On April 24, 2013, a 3-day fast was called by the leaders of the church around the world andat least 28 nations participated in this fast. I saw how that believers from all over the world had cried out to the Lord on those 3 days asking for Him to have mercy on America. April 30th was the National Day of Repentance in America and May 2ndwas theNational Day of Prayer in America. A worldwide cry went up to the Lord for 3 days asking for God to have mercy on America right at the end of the 40-day probationary period. I cried. I laughed. I had found the missing piece. Then the Lord said, “Remember Esther.” I thought of how she was the chosen virgin Bride who represents the Bride of Christ and how she asked her people to fast for 3 days because they were all about to be killed.
On the third day of the fast she risked her life and approached the King to try to save her people from annihilation and in the end, her request was granted and her people were spared. I saw the foreshadowing of the story of Jonah and of Esther and realized that the Lord was delaying His judgment. And then I saw in Matthew 25 and Revelation 10 that this delay is found in the Scriptures. So I set out to figure out when this delay would end. At some point during this time period, the Lord gave me the puzzle piece of the 4-year delay found in the parable of the fig tree. I didn’teven realize until years later that Jesus actually points to the parable of the fig tree in Matthew 24, which is the chapter all about the rapture and Second Coming. I kept putting this piece in the wrong place and kept pointing to 2016 as the Second Coming event. I had some people write to ask where was the sign of Matthew 24 in 2016 –Jesus clearly gave us the sign to watch for that would happen during the Second Coming event, which is that the sun would be darkened, moon would not give its light and stars would fall from the sky. I could not find that sign anywhere near Hanukkah of 2016 and I was confused.
All of the pieces pointed to 2016 as the end of Daniel’s 70th week and Second Coming of Christ. The Lord was simply delaying His judgment as He said He would do in Matthew 25 and in Revelation 10 and shortening the days of the tribulation as He said in Matthew 24. So why was that sign not found during Hanukkah in 2016? It was the only piece I could not figure out.When Hanukkah of 2016 came and went, Ifigured it was all over. Obviously, we were not in Daniel’s 70thweek yet and all of these events that took place between 2009 and 2013 must have just been a foreshadow of what was going to take place in the future. But somehow I knew that was not right and I knew the Lord had shown me these things and that I must be still missing something. It was January of 2017 when I finally put the puzzle piece of the parable of the fig tree in the right spot. It had never occurred to me that the Lord would actually stop Daniel’s 70thweek at the mid-point and give a 4-year delay to see if America would bear fruit or not. That fourth year was an election year and the Lord wanted to giveAmerica one more chance tochoose aleader who would attempt to turn the nationback to morality and Biblical standards.
The Lord stopped Daniel’s 70th week right on the 7th day of Unleavened Bread in 2013 on the National Day of Prayer in America, on the third day of the 3-day fast of the Bride of Christ around the world where they criedout for Him to have mercy on America, and then He restarted it on the 7th day of Unleavened Bread in 2017, during the Year of Jubilee. I was so excited when I finally put this puzzle piece where it belonged. But how could I be sure? I knew there was only one piece that had been missing in 2016 –the sign of the sun being darkened, moon not giving its light and stars falling from the sky. I looked and sure enough, there was a total lunar eclipse on the second day of Hanukkah in 2020. I knew that the Second Coming would happen on the first day of Hanukkah at the end of the 1335-day count and that Jesus said immediately after that, these 3 signs would happen. So, I had one of the 3 signs on the correct date. But there was no lunar eclipse, so I was discouraged. I went to bed that night and the Lord asked me to think of something that could cause the moon to not give its light other than an eclipse. It took me awhile, but I realized that once a month the moon gives no light. The first thing I did the next morning when I woke up was to check on google to see if December 14, 2020, was the day when the possibility left for the firstfruits rapture and that would be November 4,2020, followed by 40days of judgment on the earth, as was foreshadowed to us in the story of Noah and the flood, which started on the 17th day of Chesvan (November 4, 2020), and lasted for 40 days.
The second rapture should take on December 11, 2020(1stday of Hanukkah)andthe Second Coming of Christ to the earth on December 17, 2020 (7thday of Hanukkah).The Scriptures do not teach that all Christians are taken in the firstfruits rapture. Those who are pure in heart and truly love Christ with all their heart, soul, mind and strength and love others as themselves are those who will be harvested. There will be a time of purification for the left behind saints who did not truly put Christ first and allowed sin into their lives that separated them from the Lord. It is during this time of Great Tribulation that the Mark of the Beast will be implemented, which is looking more and more likely to be some sort of mandatoryvaccination that will have small chips imbedded into it for tracking people. The Scripture is clear that those who take this mark will be eternally lost. It is a final test of obedience and willingness to lay down their lives for the left behind saints who will have to suffer for not being willing to take this mark. This Mark of the Beast will be mandated on December 1, 2020, as was foreshadowed in the story of the Maccabees, when the image of Zeus was erected in the temple of the Lord on the 15thday of Kislev (December 1, 2020) and all Jews were commanded to worship this image.
This will be followed by 10 days of persecutionfor the saints (see Revelation 2:10) before the second rapture event. For those who do not make the second rapture event, you will have to flee to the earthly mountains on December 12, 2020, at the time of the second woe, when 1/3 of mankind will be killed. I believe there will most likely be a pole shift on this day. Immediately after this distress, the sun is darkened, moon does not give its light and the stars fall from the sky on December 14, 2020.I go over all of the details of this in my book. The 42 months that Satan was to have been given to rule the earth have been shortened to just 42 days –from November 4, 2020, to December 16, 2020, when the Bride of Christ is crowned as co-ruler of the earth with King Jesus on the first day of Tivet, as was foreshadowed in the story of the chosen virgin Esther being crowned on the first day of Tivet.We are now living in the final day of Daniel’s 70thweek, or the Sabbath. Jesus was still working on the Sabbath, but He said that when the night falls, no man could work. In a 24-hour day, half of the day is light and half is dark. We are still living in the time of the light, as Christ, the Light of the World, has not yet left with His Bride.
He is still working on the Sabbath and waiting for the night to fall, a time when darkness will descend on the earth as never before. In Israelduring the summer months, there are up to 14.2 hours of daylight. This would equate to the night starting on August 5, 2020 and lasting until the last day of Hanukkah 135 days later. But the 4th trumpet judgment tells us that only 1/3 of the night is without light.This darkness will be on the earth from November 4, 2020, to December 18, 2020, the last day of Hanukkah, when the devil is cast into the bottomless pit after 45 days of darkness on the earth.I believealiens from the Abyss will showup at the time of the firstfruits rapture to deceive those left behind. Asteroids or meteoriteswillstart slamming into the earth causing massive destruction and tsunamis and numerous other catastrophes that Scriptures warn us about all start taking place this coming November. People will be too afraid to leave their homes or go to work, just as Jesus told us that a time was coming when no man could work.
This will cause massive economic collapse, far worse than even what we are seeing right now, and famine will set in for hundreds of millions of people all over the world who are totally unprepared for what is coming. This is exactly what the elite want –to kill off the elderly, weak, uneducated and poorest people of the world and have all of the earth’s resources to themselves and those that they deem fit –it is survival of the fittest for them. But they are not the ones in control of what is happening, even if the Lord uses them for His purposes. Ultimately, this is God’s story and He uses Satan and people to accomplish His plan, which is always for the good of those who love Him and who are called according to His purposes.I hope and pray that you can see in this puzzle the incredible love and mercy of God, shortening the days of Great Tribulation from 42 months to just 42 days for His left behind saints. In Revelation 12, we read that the devil is full of fury because he knows that his time is short. If the Lord had given him 3 ½ years to destroy this planet, not one person would still be alive to witness the return of the Lord to earth in December 2020.So, how do we know that this is correct and that there are not still 3 ½ years of Great Tribulation coming?
Look at the signs in the sky. Jesus told us that the sun would be darkened, the moon not give its light and stars would fall from the sky when He returns with His people to start the New Millennium. We know that this happens at the end of a 1335-day count according to Daniel. The only time you will find this sign is at the start of Hanukkah in 2020, at the end of a 1335-day count. I was able to figure out that the Second Coming would happen during Hanukkah of 2020 before I knew about this sign being there, just by using the 4-year delay found in the parable of the fig tree. When I first started to point to Hanukkah of 2020 as the Second Coming of Christ to the earth back in January 2017, I had no idea about the sign of the sun being darkened, moon not giving its light andstars falling from the sky taking place at that time. When the Lord showed me that sign, it was further confirmation that this puzzle is correct. We can see that the blood moons on Jewish feast days from 2013 to 2015 and then the solar eclipses at the start of the Biblical year and Feast of Trumpets in 2015 pointed us to the start of the Day of the Lord at the end of 2015 to the end of 2016.
The Bible says that all of creation is waiting for the sons of God to be revealed. I believe what we are about to witness is the victory of Mr. Biden (most likely by fraud) on November 3, 2020, followed by judgment on November 4, 2020. I believe that President Trump and Vice President Mike Pencewill either be killed or raptured, paving the way for Mr. Obama to return to power in all of the mass chaos that will be taking place. It is easy to imagine that Mr. Biden would ask for Mr. Obama to come back to help in this time of international crisis, having 8 years of experience as US President and the respect of leaders around the world. He is obviously a much more dynamic leader and communicator that Joe Biden and would be better at leading in this time of crisis. The Scripture tells us that it is at the sound of the last trump that the rapture takes place; I believe this is a play on words that the Lord hid in the Scriptures for us.
After the rapture and first demonic alien invasion, former President Obama will somehow be brought back into a position of power due to the complete chaos and lack of leadership in the United States. He is the one who started Daniel’s 70thweek and he will be there at the end of it. He is both the 6thand 8thking, or leader, of Revelation 17 and he will be brought back into a position of power.For those of you who are presenting a different timeline than what I am, I would like to just ask you if your timeline includes the sign of the sun being darkened, moon not giving its light and stars falling from the sky at the end of Daniel’s 70th week? And does it also include the blood moons and solar eclipses from 2013 to 2015, pointing to the initial Day of the Lord that was to have started at the end of 2015?
Do you find it coincidental that the 2 dates mentioned in Haggai 2 regarding the Lord shaking the heavens and the earth and bringing the desired of all nations to Himself were the 2 dates that Obama was chosen and then received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009? And that exactly 1260 days later, Mr. Obama stood in what is considered by hundreds of millions of Christians around the world to be the most holy place on earth and stopped the daily sacrifice of praise and offering of thanksgiving from happening on that day? And that it just happened to be the 11th day of Nisan on the Jewish calendar, the very day that Jesus spoke to Hisdisciples about the abomination that causes desolation?
And I suppose it was also just a coincidence that counting back 1335 days from the start of Hanukkah in 2016 and 1260 days from the Day of Atonement in 2016 brings you to May 2, 2013, which ended a 40-day probationary period and 3-day fast for God to have mercy on America, both clearly foreshadowed to us in the Scriptures as a time when judgment was delayed and a nation was spared. Does your timeline also include the shortening of days that Jesus mentioned in Matthew 24 and the delay of the Bridegroom found in Matthew 25 and Revelation 10? And going back to my first and most important question –does your timeline show the sign of the sun being darkened, moon not giving its light and stars falling fromthe sky during the Second Coming of Christ to the earth at the end of a 1335-day count on a Jewish festival? If not, then your timeline is incorrect. You must put all of the Scriptures together to see the whole puzzle. Scripture interprets Scripture and Scripture cannot be broken. The pieces must all fit into place or your timeline is incorrect. The night is about to fall on this earth and you can already see the sun is setting. Manypeople can no longer go to work and a time is coming when no man can work. Jesus, the Light of the World, is about to take His beautiful and radiant Bride, also the Light of the World, to be with Himself, to a place He has prepared for her out of the serpent’s reach, and then darkness or night will fall on the earth.
He has gone to prepare a place for His Bride and He will receive her unto Himself so that she may be with Him. If you are not ready to stand before the Lamb with a pure heart as a radiant Bride, I ask you to please seek the Lord while He may be found. Prepare for what is about to happen on this earth. Prepare to meet the Lord. Prepare for those who may be left behind. Leave my materials for them to read. Prepare food and water and necessities because the time is very soon when they will not be able to buy, sell or trade without the Mark of the Beast. Ask Jesus into your heart today if you have not already done so. If you have, ask Him to reveal any sin in your life that is keeping you from fully walking in His Spirit and the joy of His salvation. This does not have to be a frightening time. This is a time to rejoice if you belong to the Bride of Christ! People get ready, Jesus is coming and soon we will be going home.
The New Millennium is less than 2 months away and we will be crowned as co-rulers of the earth with our King Jesus for 1000 years. The meek shall inherit the earth. So, maybe you are wondering why the Lord had me write this book and how it is supposed to save millions of people from the coming deception. Well, I don’t actually know what the deception isgoing to be exactly, but Jesus said it could deceive even the elect, meaning even the unwise virgins who are left behind at the first rapture event and those who come to faith in Christ during this time of tribulation on the earth. I believe the deceptionwill involve some sort of alien creature coming on the earth as is described in Revelation and the book of Joel. I believe that the Lord put all of these clues and hid them throughout the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, so that those who are presented with the evidence from the Scriptures will have little to no doubt that what took place was in fact the rapture event and not an alien invasion or intervention of our planet.
The Lord wants His people to know that this was all His plan from beginning to end and that He is in control, not Satan, not the New World Order or the Masons or the Illuminati or the aliens, or whoever. He wrote the book. He knows the beginning from the end and He is in control. He wants those left behind to know that the rapture took place exactly when it was supposed to and for them to have peace knowing that there will be a second rapture event after just 38 daysand that the Second Coming of Christ to the earth will happen on December 17, 2020. There is no 7-year tribulation. There isn’t even a 3 ½ or 3 year tribulation. The Lord in His great mercy and love has shortened the days to just 42 days. And if He hadn’t, no flesh would have survived what was coming.
Nobody would have been aliveafter a 3 or 3 ½ year tribulation period, that’s how bad this is going to be. In fact, there won’t even be that many people still alive in December 2020 –most people will have been raptured or killed by that point in time. The last thing I’d like to talk about is how to prepare for what is coming. The most important thing you to can do is to get your heart right with the Lord. Ask Him to reveal any hidden sin in your heart, wrong motives, wrong thoughts, wrong behaviors, anything that is displeasing to Him. Ask him to purify your heart and forgive your sins and help you to overcome your sinful behaviors. Next, you need to warn your family and friends. They may laugh at you now, but in a few days, they will be so glad you took the time to warn them of what was coming and they will be shocked when these things take place exactly when you warned them that they would happen.
Thirdly, you should print off as many copies of my book and make copies of my videos for those left behind. I personally believe there may not be electricity in most parts of the States, so hard copies of my book would be the best thing to make. You can download my book and all of my videos for free. I encourage you to not wait until the last minute to do this because at any time my bookor videos could be taken down and removed from the internet and you will have no chance then to make copies, so please at least download them now. All of the links for this are below in the description box. And lastly, you should prepare for anyone in your family or among your friends who might be left behind. Since they will not be prepared, you should do everything you can to prepare for them. Scripture is clear that a time is coming when no man can work and that if you do not take the mark of the beast,you will be unable to buy, sell or trade anything. You need to store up at least a monthworth of food, water and other necessities if you have the ability to do so. Imagine being without any ability to buy what you need to survive for 40 daysand think of what you would need to get through it. Matthew 25 shows us that not all of the virgins or Christians make the first rapture event.
Many lukewarm Christians who have allowed sin to creep into their lives will be left behind so please don’t think that just because everyone in your family goes to church or has said a prayer of salvation that they will make the first rapture event. Many will be left behind to be purified. For those of you who have been with me for the last 8years since I started this, thank you for your patience with me as I have tried to take the puzzle pieces the Lord was giving to me one at a time and fit them into the correct place. Once I figured out where the 4-year delay of the fig tree piece fit, the puzzle became much more clear and the pieces all began to fit.I believe the puzzle is now finished.God bless you all and I look forward to meeting many of you soon on the other side.
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