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New World Order - Communism by backdoor is Dennis Wise's second documentary after his first documentary "Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told." New World Order - Communism by backdoor focuses on New World Order and historical information that are related to New World Order.


Truthwillout (Dennis Wise)

Dennis Wise proves beyond doubt that the western countries both "victorious and the defeated" after World War Two have been covertly under Communism since 1945.

Part 1 - The origins of the New World Order and infiltration of the free world.
Part 2 - Discover the roots of the New World Order and their Occult connections.
Part 3 - Discover how the New World Order is based on the evil of Freemasonry.
Part 4 - The music business is a means to influence the masses, especially youth.
Part 5 - Learn how the New World Order infiltrated the Roman Catholic Church.
Part 6 - The Druids in England have always been at the centre of the Occult.
Part 7 - The United Nations are part of the New World Order and their one-world plans.
Part 8 - Hollywood is the most important vehicle of propaganda in the English speaking world today.
Part 9 - How is Israel able to ride roughshod over the world with impunity?
Part 10 - Understanding The Jewish Quest for World Domination
Part 11 - The Greater Israel Plan, Know your enemy
Part 12 - The Changing Face of Europe
Part 13 - The Enemy in the Land
Part 14 - How America became Communist
Part 16 - Usury: The Cancer of the World
Part 17 - The House of Red Shield - The Rothschild Dynasty
The rise of the banking family at the head of the New World Order.
Part 18 - Secret Societies, UN, the fake cold war and even the Waco massacre were the signs of the coming of Communism.
Part 19 - Slaves For Israel
Part 20 - Who is running America
Part 21 - The Bottom of the Rabbit Hole
Part 22 - WIKIPEDIA WARNING!, Further research uncovered, Source List


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