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Izabela's Global Predictions for 2023: The Netherlands, USA and other countries

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Predictions by Izabela

As some of you know by now, among many other interests, I am very much involved in the Prophetic and Esoteric Traditions. Being a shaman i have my own intuitive insights and whenever i find people who in my opinion are truthful, talented  and more or less divinely inspired  with an important message to share , i will inform the general public.

This time i like to introduce you to  Izabela, who also works with a cristal ball , Tarot and other decks...

Roeland Solcer

Global Predictions 2023


Predictions for the coming 3 months on The Netherlands. "Nog even volhouden beste mensen, het komt allemaal uiteindelijk goed"


Predictions for Belgium for Belgium from January to July 2023


Predictions for the coming 6 months on the USA


Prediction on Russia for January to July 2023


Prediction on the UK from mid-December 2022 to mid-March 2023


Predictions on Germany for January to July 2023


Predictions on France for January to July 2023


Prediction on Canada for December -22, January to February 2023


Prediction on Italy and the Vatican from mid-December 22 to mid-March 23


Important information and updates for Tarot by Izabela + The Nature of Evil


Predictions on Israel for January to July 2023 - Crystal Ball and Tarot Cards


 On YouTube you can find several other countries on which Izabela has given her predictions on..

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