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What does the Party for Love Governance want ?

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What does the Party for Love Governance want?

The association and (Political) Party for Love (in Government & Governance) aims to contribute to the establishment of the Kingdom of God, the kingdom of Love on Earth. The establishment of God's kingdom on Earth depends on the success of the largest possible group of people in realizing the "Christ consciousness".

When a large enough group of people realize the Christ consciousness (consciousness of love and unity) within themselves, which is contained in God's Plan for this earth, then the so-called millennium, as John's Apocalypse calls it, will begin. God's reign will then be established on earth as the Christ consciousness and the law of Unconditional Love will be the generally accepted starting point for our life in the world.

The heyday of the Age of Aquarius that spans a total of 2150 years and has just now begun is 'the Golden Age', in which humanity will experience an unprecedented growth in consciousness. In the year 2012, on a material level, we mainly experience the destruction and decay of the old world, but in the higher dimensions, this 'Golden Age' is already in full development and many powerful innovative impulses are flowing through the etheric world. These are the cosmic resurrection forces and rebirth processes in which we all participate.

Christ, the manifestation of unconditional Love

The Christ consciousness, Buddha consciousness or cosmic consciousness are all terms that mean more or less the same thing. The Party for Love is a universal movement that wants to unite all world religions, mysticism and Gnosticism. We have come to understand how foolish it is to deny the Oneness of all religions, the unity of humanity. The central message of Christ and all the great teachers and prophets is universal. We learn to love more unconditionally every day.

Unity - Oneness

The words Christ or Christ consciousness are in no way owned by the Western Christian churches, but universal concepts for a being or consciousness that is one with God, or in other words a consciousness that knows itself as one with everything and everyone, in life and Love. We are all one in God, for God is the all-encompassing Oneness and there is nothing outside of God but illusion and illusions are not real.

The Golden Age of Aquarius

Although most people and even astrologers don't realize it, the Age of Aquarius started on July 4 2005, according to the cosmic clock and was officially ushered in on March 22, 2010, by Saint Germain, the hierarch of Aquarius.

Modern Revelation of God's Word

How and what do we know of Saint Germain, the hierarch of Aquarius? As always, there are messengers of God on earth, who receive a prophetic vision and are sent as messengers to mankind, lest mankind be deprived of God's Word. These messengers are overshadowed by the Holy Spirit and thus, as instruments of God, who is speaking through the ascended Masters, can be inspired to their work.

If it is necessary for an ascended Master, such as Jesus, Buddha or Saint Germain, to speak directly to the disciples, the address may be dictated by the Master to a trained messenger.

These dictations are at the heart of modern revelations, which are published through the universal mystery school. This is a brief explanation of the dictations you will find on our sites. Through 2012 and possibly beyond, depending on the collective response of humanity, we are experiencing the so-called 'End of Times' a period of transition, the dissolution of the old world consciousness and the collective birth pangs of the New Age, with profound transformations in the collective consciousness.

(note: In 2020, I found out that our official era runs 8 years ahead of the original era as used in Ethiopian era. According to that era, we live in 2020, so actually in 2012!!!)

At the moment, few people understand what we are talking about here, and they may find the idea of ​​a Party for Love Governance vague. However, this will soon change as more people develop Christ consciousness. The collective consciousness will be raised and expanded through the efforts of a relatively small group of people, the spiritual vanguard of humanity, who are succeeding in realizing Christ consciousness to some degree. When the critical tipping point is reached (and this point has now been reached in 2012!) the earth and its evolutions will enter an upward spiral of frequency accelerations and the inner Light in people will become more and more powerful. Everything comes to the Light and the darkness will have to give way.

Together on the way to universal spirituality - The Way of the Heart

From conversations with friends about our party or movement for Love, the need for practical cooperation appears to be growing. That is why it is good to reflect on the preconditions that we must create within ourselves in order to be successful. Sensitivity to the spiritual guidance behind our movement is a prerequisite for progress. We learn to listen to the voice of our heart.

Obedience to the inner guidance. (The still small voice in our Heart) ensures that we make fewer detours and do not miss our goal. The Party for Love Governance is an association of people who are willing to stand in a process of continuous self-transcendence, (transcending oneself in self-image and consciousness). After all, if we want to propagate Divine unconditional Love, this is only possible if we increasingly embody and are that Presence of Love. We must conclude that few people on earth correspond to the ideal of Divine unconditional Love as expressed and lived by the great world teachers.

Apparently, it is not so easy for us earthly mortals to love unconditionally. The reason for this lies in the fact that we have taken on a false identity, the ego, which prevents us from being who we really are. Overcoming this ego, the lower self, the dragon or the antichrist is the theme of many myths, legends and the basis of the mystery school. It presupposes that we gain a deep understanding of human nature and find answers to life's great questions. How else can we follow the path that leads to liberation from the ego? When we unite in Love, we must be willing to follow this path to the glorious goal.


Obeying the inner guidance is not following a rigid chain of command imposed on us from above, as in an army on Earth. It is we ourselves who are at the helm, in unity with the Great Spirit. We are free to choose for Unity and Life, or for separation and death. Freedom is inherent in Love. Love cannot be without Freedom. After all, Love is unconditional and releases the other and yourself. Love is full of life and Life is Love, just as we were created from Love in the deepest sense.


We realize that we are all co-creators with our heavenly parents and that we are here to uplift Mother Earth and all her evolutions. Ancient folk wisdom and all universal world teachers teach: “Improve the world and start with yourself, because you are the world!” As you think the world is, the world shows itself to you, because the cosmos works like a mirror in which we see ourselves and everything shows itself as we project it on that mirror. The world is as we create it from within ourselves, within our consciousness. When we create from the ego (consciousness), we multiply the illusions, but when we create from the Higher Self, or Christ within us, we help to establish God's Kingdom.

When we surrender to the inner work and walk the Path or the way of learning, we elevate not only ourselves, but everything and everyone we are connected with. We are part of the Great Self. Our field of work is therefore mainly located within ourselves. The kingdom is within you! Participation in our movement mainly requires inner activity. We get to work with the big questions of life, come to insight and understanding, and follow the teachings we receive within. So improve and purify your own vision, work on your discernment and your dialogue with God and the Higher Self, who always assist us.


We are not naive and realize that there is an inner and outer enemy who will do anything to prevent us from achieving our goal. The inner enemy is the ego, the outer enemy the ego of others and the collective ego or mass consciousness, in short, the mind of antichrist. However, Love does not judge and exhorts to love even our enemies as Jesus teaches. Love brings true brotherhood, equality, freedom and peace on earth, that is why we want to become who and what we are, children of Love, children of God.

Spiritual politics

Although it is not an end in itself, our movement also wants to be politically socially active and develop a political vision. The leadership of a company, organization, municipality, province or country should be deeply imbued with the principle of unconditional love. Only then will her work be beneficial to the organizations or countries they govern. That is why our party is also called "Party for Love in Management & Government". We are currently studying the Socratic form of organization because it does justice to an improvement of the principle of democracy. Decisions are no longer taken on the basis of a majority, but on the basis of consent objection. However, now is not the time to express our views on specific political issues as we prioritize forming our own organization.


Roeland Solcer June 2, 2007

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Part 2:

What does (the Party for) Love ( Governance ) want? (2)

Jesus teaches us that Love is the highest and only commandment. Do we fully understand what that means? Doesn't the scripture also say: "The Light has come into the world, but the world did not understand"? The worldly dualistic mind cannot comprehend absolutes such as Love or God. After all, it thinks in opposites and Love and God have no counterpart. Yes, you may say that  “hate and the devil are their counterparts”! Well, that kite does not fly for a spiritually awake person.

Why not? Because Love and God are of a higher order, they are not of this (apparent) world, where everything exists in duality and opposites. In the real world, the kingdom of God, there are no opposites, but all is one. It is another higher field of consciousness, the Christ consciousness in which there is no separation.

So this means that when there is Love, or when the Holy Spirit is there, the kingdom of God is equally manifest will be on earth! Where Love or God become “visible” on earth for a moment, the Kingdom of Heaven is manifest there. So you could say, the Party for Love wants to bring the Kingdom of God to earth! Another thing that would instantly send a worldly man into a fit of laughter, and while I admit that from today's superficial point of view it seems like an insane statement, it is nevertheless a perfectly correct and scientifically formulated objective!

No new wine in old sacks

A new movement and party in the making for a new spiritual and therefore holistic view of politics. Why? Because the old politics don't work anymore! The way in which we present ourselves and arrive at an organizational structure, how we proceed as a movement, will also be different from what has been customary until now when a party is founded. How different, we don't know exactly, because we are guided by inspiration and intuition. The changes that needed in all areas of life and society are a logical consequence of the rapid changes currently taking place in people's consciousness due to spiritual and cosmic influences. Simply put, it amounts to an increase in the vibrational frequency of the collective human consciousness field as a result of the “Second Coming of the Cosmic and Planetary Christ.” The Christ is the manifestation of God in the Son or Daughter of God, as Christ consciousness, which is the Light of the world. What we are experiencing is the next evolutionary leap of human consciousness becoming more and more sensitive to the subtle worlds that have a higher frequency than the visible world. These spiritual worlds are also referred to as higher dimensions in contrast to the physical world, the third dimensional world we know as the mental emotional and the physical world, in which everything comes from duality and contradictions exists, the world of the ego. The expansion and frequency changes of consciousness create problems in individual people depending on their nature, their place on the spiritual development ladder, their genetic makeup and the degree to which they are prepared for the current transformations. All this is summed up in the concept of 'karma'.

The spiritual vanguard of humanity

Those who are waking up recognize that it is high time to change priorities, to make radical changes. Recognizing the ego age and its materialistic and dualistic worldview as a dead end, they explore new avenues, seeking enlightenment and consciousness growth. They see that humanity is destroying itself and the planet through ignorance. They realize that they are here on earth to contribute in this time of transition to the birth and development of the New Man at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius and the end of the Kali Yuga.

What is needed to turn the tide?

1. A spiritual and universal man and world view!

Why? Because there is a vision of the earth's development and the purpose of man on earth in harmony with the great spiritual laws and the first commandment of unconditional Love for all that is and for the first cause that we know as God. When we embody this vision, we raise the collective consciousness in vibration and help lift humanity and the Earth into a more enlightened state of development. This vision is born into consciousness on the basis of spiritual development, which expands consciousness and allows us to participate more consciously in the spirit world.

2. People who embody this vision and attitude to life and who are empowered to propagate and put this vision into practice

The spiritual and holistic vision of the Incarnation and the associated education path is therefore a precondition for the humanity in general and in our context for the politicians and leaders in the New Age. Hence, the inner path of learning is given much attention in our ranks.

3. Sufficient social support to first give shape on a small scale and experimentally to projects that serve the realization of the ultimate goal, the establishment of God's Kingdom of Love on earth!

Mother Earth, a school

The Party for Love wants to unite people who are on a spiritual path of development and who want to implement changes in all areas of society on the basis of a broader and more enlightened consciousness. This concerns the implementation of spiritual or humanities knowledge in order to restore and heal people and the earth.It is ultimately about the choice of Unity, Love and Life instead of the choice of division, hatred and death. Because the first category is higher order than the latter, it is therefore a vertical development upwards, or a positive spiral of development in the direction of the ascension!


Spirituality, being spiritually aware, is the realization that behind daily life on earth and its needs and wants there is always a higher spiritual purpose for which man is on earth. This higher plan, also called our Divine Plan, is intuitively sensed and recognized as we grow up, when we have received a good upbringing and education, where true humanity is central.

Because of her spiritual deafness and blindness, man in general is no longer aware of the higher spiritual life. Natural science made great progress for several centuries, and for a while it seemed that all religious and spiritual traditions had become obsolete and God was declared dead. The self-emancipating “head thinking” that dominates “thinking with the heart” closes a harmonic cooperation of head and heart, as a result of which mysticism and spirituality, which elude our earthly senses, were finally consigned to the trash.

We saw the disastrous consequences of this development in history, and we see it now at the beginning of the 21st century, all around us. Man apart from the Spirit or God is doomed to destroy himself. The spiritlessness of modern society and politics can be seen in the worship of the golden calf (money) and outward appearances (e.g. the artificial beauty ideal of men and women), the stupid and pointless warfare, the existence of poverty and injustice on a massive scale, the bad education in which spiritual development has no place and finally in the way we continue to destroy the planet and ourselves despite countless warnings. Apparently, humanity has become so dull that the most terrible disaster scenarios don't really make us decide to change course. Our political leaders make good use of half measures, but they lack vision, courage and decisiveness to radically change course. This is due to their limited vision of themselves and world development. Man on Earth is an evolving being, and man becomes truly human only when he integrates his Higher Self or Christ Self with his physical manifestation. Only then do we realize our true identity. Jesus Christ is one of the many examples who demonstrated this incarnation, and He called us to follow His example, for as He taught, we are all equal children of God.


Spiritually awakened people are aware of the fact that they live in 2 worlds, namely the material and the spiritual world, and that they only differ in vibration or vibrational frequency and are ultimately one whole! Modern science is approaching the realm of knowledge where the ancient Initiates of the Mysteries from all cultures have spoken of. The problem of the current generations is that many people are hardly reminded of the plan that the soul has made before it reincarnates on earth. Most people today are unaware that they are primarily spiritual beings and that our essence exists far beyond the visible world in other dimensions and higher vibrational frequencies.

Because their spiritual senses are not developed and wither, they no longer experience the spirit world. The antichrist forces in the world then do everything they can to reinforce the denial of the existence of the spirit world and God in education, the media, etc. Most people are focused on the material world and mainly experience and acknowledge the vibratory realms of material life, while the living soul and Spirit are denied, because they are not experienced! Of course, everyone unconsciously participates in the spiritual life and because the cosmic influences accelerate our consciousness, we are fortunately also seeing the first signs of a collective awakening. However, the spirit of antichrist wants to hold us in its grip and tries with all its might to impose its dark game on man. The Antichrist or Big Brother is lord and master of his world of illusions, who reigns on Earth. Man has become his slave, money being the bridle by which we are kept in check. Money = earthly power that the ego seeks and from which it derives its value. If you do not submit to the ego, the inner antichrist, you will soon be recognized as a rebel in society and if you also rebel against the outer antichrist, against the golden calf and Big Brother, you will soon be called terrorist or a threat to the state, even if you preach non-violence and Love. The examples of Jesus and Gandhi are clear enough.

The Divine Plan

There is no longer much time for indecision and denial. We are rapidly approaching the point in time when we collectively become aware of the fourth dimension. Many believe this will be the case around the winter solstice of 2012. For the highly sensitive, the transformation of consciousness has been going on for some time. It is clear that the old three-dimensional approach to reality does not provide answers to the global problems we face. In Dutch politics, we see this at the beginning of the 21st century in the decline of the established parties and the emergence of new movements. Since the first decade of the century is clearly a transitional phase, we can indeed look forward to more structural changes in the second decade. Many people cling tenaciously to supposed certainties that the third-dimensional consciousness thinks it has, but it is becoming increasingly clear that this is an illusion. If we continue with it, we block our evolution, and we fall even further behind with regard to the Plan for this planet. Man cannot stop the spinning of the karmic wheel and continue to deny it, for the time clock is ticking inexorably.

Nothing lasts here on earth,the Spirit warns us that the time has come for the final battle and judgment. Individually and in small groups, consciousness breakthroughs are reported to the higher dimensions and contacts with spirit beings that exist there, and more and more people are becoming sensitive to the spirit world. This growing group of highly sensitive people are discovering and beginning to explore other dimensions of existence. Intuition, inspiration and paranormal experiences are generally accepted and scientifically established. Man begins to realize that death is not an absolute end, but a birth in the spirit world. The idea that reincarnation belongs to the cycle of the earth school sheds greater light on a reality that is indeed more dimensional than the three known dimensions of physical man.

Every human soul has, for its incarnation on earth, in consultation with its spiritual teachers, made a Plan of the important objectives for the coming earthly life. This plan involves paying off karmic debts to life and other souls. It also involves a specific set of character traits to be developed and the associated experiences to overcome certain imperfections or weaknesses, and also has the aspect of contributing to the greater Divine Plan for humanity and the earth in the spiritually advanced souls. After all, the spiritually awakened human being becomes aware of his calling to be a co-creator with God. This last aspect is called our "Dharma" (Buddhism) and is expressed in "the sacred work" or the spiritual work that we want to realize in life.

Inner education

When we can give up the ego during earthly life and allow it to die without dying physically, we are born again spiritually. Knowing this is the basis for a spiritual training path to enlightenment and the realization of the inner Christ, the Son or Daughter of God that we are in essence. The universal mystery school is of all times and regains its rightful place in society in the ranks of the Party for Love Governance. Through intuition, inspiration and inner guidance we are awakened to the spiritual reality that makes us aware of other responsibilities than those we already have on earth as biological beings. A person's moral conscience is a measure of the extent to which we are spiritually awakened. Therefore, Love cannot be forced. The ability to love and forgive is directly proportional to the level of development of our consciousness...

The current, but fortunately temporary, problem is that this spiritual vanguard has developed a wider consciousness than the masses and is therefore not easy to understand for the more three-dimensionally oriented person. It's like we have to explain to someone who is (color) blind what colors are. First there is the disbelief about the existence of colors and only when that is broken can we try to give them an idea of ​​the different colors there are and teach them a way of learning to become sighted or in our case to develop spiritual awareness. Hence, in the first phase of Party membership, much attention will be given to healing and educating ourselves. Going through the inner path of education is a fruitful undertaking and anyone who takes this seriously will also be able to reap the sweet fruits of it.

Not all members of our movement will want to become politically active. The vast majority will need to be active in other areas of work. The hope is that courageous people will arise who are called and able to take on a leadership role in the peaceful revolution that we advocate.

Not a traditional party program

The Party for Love Governance  has a simple party program. All positions and decisions that have to be taken are measured against the measure of unconditional Love. More concretely, this is expressed in the commandment that Jesus Christ gave us: Love GOD above all and your neighbor as yourself. This is worded even differently in the Party line 

This means that we always ask ourselves, what is wisdom, what is the Will of God, or what does Love wants us to do? It is always the balance of Love, Wisdom and Will, which in joint unity gives the best outcome, provided we naturally have a true spiritual vision of the situation or problem at hand. The triple flame in the secret heart chamber has therefore been chosen as a party symbol. We will formulate answers or standpoints not in advance, but at the moment that this is requested to take; wakefulness is the first requirement! Watch for the Presence of the Holy Spirit, who will inspire and guide us to say or do that which is necessary.

May 4, 2009.

Roeland Solcer

Founder of the Partij voor de Liefde / The Party for Love Governance


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