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movement of life

Looking for like minded people and initiatives on the internet, I found  the beautiful website of the Movement of Life, an initiative of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation. This organization was already known to me and again I was moved by the way these people try to operate. There are many similarities in insights and backgrounds between this movement and the work that I started from my own ARK Foundation. Therefore I like to present 'The Movement of Life' to our audience on this our website of the Party for Love Governance in the Netherlands.

Roeland Solcer


Global corporate interests and the status quo

At the beginning of the 21st century, the economic and political fate of our planet is dominated by global corporate interests whose primary interest is in maintaining the status quo. The much-publicized banking crisis is just a symptom of this problem. The root cause of this problem is the ongoing systematic drainage of the economies of the nations of the world by three dominating sectors: the pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical investment business – in short, the Oil and Drug Cartel.
Alternatives for replacing the economic legs of the status quo are already available

While the status quo is desperately trying to prolong its rule through the enforcement of ‘Big Brother’-type global surveillance programs, scientifically-proven alternatives to the Oil and Drug Cartel’s products – that could enable mankind to liberate itself from these corporate interests – are already available. For example, around the world, renewable energy is already replacing fossil fuels. In the area of health, natural compounds such as vitamins and phytobiologicals are proving far superior to synthetic pharmaceutical drugs in essentially all areas of medicine.
Creating pilot projects in your community

This website encourages young people to use the available knowledge from these breakthrough technologies to create hands-on pilot projects wherever they live, anywhere in the world. Through the videos on our site, we provide the tools for sharing the experiences from these pilot projects with the goal of liberating the world from the tyranny of control by multinational corporations in the areas of health, food, water, energy, knowledge and work.
Imagine the transformational possibilities…

Currently, each and every year, the people of the world are being forced to pay hundreds of billions of dollars in the form of ‘tribute’ payments to the Oil and Drug Cartel. Imagine how, by working together, we can liberate these massive resources and put them to proper use to fight child mortality, malnutrition, illiteracy, unemployment, environmental pollution, and a whole host of other global problems. Imagine helping to create a world of true health, real justice and lasting peace. This is the transformational goal of The Movement of Life!

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Profit over Life


Welcome to the online archive of the Nuremberg Tribunal Against the Oil and Drug Cartel - a free educational resource for the benefit of the people of the world.

After 60 years of silence, this online archive opens up the records of the Nuremberg War Tribunals against IG Farben, the largest chemical/ pharmaceutical multinational at that time, to people everywhere.

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