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Mother Mary: Advanced teachings on the human self

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A dictation from Mother Mary:  Advanced teachings on the human self

TOPICS: Loving yourself - What is a fallen being? - Does God love the outer self? - How you look at the outer self - Separating spirituality and daily life - Difficulties of being in embodiment - Hiding from Mother Mary - Why you need an outer self - Why you need to love your enemy - Making the outer self irrelevant - Mother Mary is not a fallen being - Spiritual pride - How to ascend - Stop judging yourself -

This dictation was given by the Ascended Master Mother Mary on May 22, 2015 as the opening dictation of the conference "Freeing Europe from Anti-Love" in Zutphen The Netherlands, through the messenger Kim Michaels.

 Messenger: We are going to say several times, “Mother Mary, I love you.” moeder maria2

All: “Mother Mary, I love you. Mother Mary, I love you. Mother Mary, I love you. Mother Mary, I love you. Mother Mary, I love you.”

My beloved hearts, I am indeed the Ascended Master Mother Mary.

 I…love…you.  I love you, each and every one of you. Can you believe that I love you?


Can you all believe that I love you?  ALL: “Yes.”

Can you truly believe that I love you? ALL: “Yes.”

Can you believe with your heart and not with your mouth that I love you? ALL: “Yes.”

 Then answer me in your heart and not with your mouth. It is so easy to say the things you are expected to say, to do the things you are expected to do, to feel the things you are expected to feel, to think the thoughts you are expected to think and to see yourself as what you are expected to think you are.

Loving yourself

You can believe that I love you. You can feel that you love me. You can, some of you, feel my love for you but the big question that I put before you tonight is: “Can you love yourself? Can you truly love yourself? Can you love your self, not yourself?”

 Do you see the need to make a distinction? You all think of yourself as yourself. You need to realize that there is an outer personality, an outer self and there is the inner being, the inner self. Then you can begin to accept that you can love your self, not the outer personality but the self that you are. Why do I ask you to make this distinction? Because so few people in the world and certainly so few people on the European continent make the distinction between the outer self and the pure self, the pure being. Why do they not make this distinction? Because they have been programmed over many, many lifetimes by the fallen beings not to make this distinction.

What is a fallen being?

What is the characteristic of a fallen being? They cannot make the distinction between the outer self and the real self. They are identified with the outer self, the separate self. If they were able to make the distinction, they would know they are not the outer self, they would know they are part of the One Self of God. Therefore, they would not be completely trapped in the fallen consciousness.

They want all of you to see yourselves as they see themselves. This is the definition of the spiritual false hierarchy, the so-called power elite. These are beings who long ago rejected the idea that God loves them, I could appear to such beings and tell them that I love them but they would not be able to accept it. If they were to accept it, they would be transformed by my love. They do not want to be transformed so their only option is to reject my love.

What have they done to you? They have made you believe that my love is conditional, is conditioned upon you living up to certain conditions that they have defined. Thereby they have made themselves god because they have said: “We are capable of defining the conditions that even God must obey before he gives love to the human beings in embodiment on earth.” This is all a lie, is all an illusion but how will you see this? How will the people of Europe see this when their leaders for so many centuries have been telling them something different?

 You of course have started to see this. I am well aware of this but what I want to point out to you is that there are still pockets in your being – and this goes for all of you with no exception, including the messenger who is speaking these words – you have pockets in your being where you cannot fully love yourself. This is what I would like to address.

Does God love the outer self?

Now I have had you make the distinction between the inner self and the outer or the separate self. We do this for a reason because we realize that because of the heavy programming we cannot start you out having you love the outer self. You have been so programmed, so conditioned, to think that God’s love is conditional that you think you could not possibly love the outer self, that God could not possibly love the outer self.

 You look at me as Mother Mary, as an ascended being, as the representative of the Divine Mother and in your minds you elevate me to being above you either in position or at least in consciousness. In a certain sense I am above you because I hold a position in the cosmic hierarchy that is higher than any unascended being can hold. I also have ascended so my consciousness is higher. I am not higher in the sense of the fallen beings and their value judgments. I am one with the One Mind, the All. You are one with that One Mind, but you have been programmed by those who deny this reality to think that you are not and so you elevate me in your minds.

 You may look at the idea that I hold the immaculate concept for you. You may feel or think that I look at the highest possible vision, at your highest potential and how you would be in the fullness of your Christhood and this is what I see and this is what I love. Many of you have an often unrecognized desire to hide aspects of your human self from me. You think that if I saw that aspect of the human self, then I could not love that human self. You might even think that I would condemn you or reject you or scold you or spank you or however you see the mother. What I would like to do in this discourse is to challenge the view that you have of me and of yourself.

How you look at the outer self

It is true that you have to start out by realizing that you are more than the outer self, the outer personality. You have to start separating yourself from that outer personality. That is how you connect to your higher self. Most of you have started this process, some of you have made good progress on this process so what I give you here is the next step up. This is where you start looking at the outer self differently. You do not look at it as an enemy of your spiritual growth, you do not look at it as something so bad, evil or impure that I would condemn you for having it.

 It is perfectly valid that we have given you the impression that your ego is opposing your spiritual growth, and it is something you need to get beyond, to transcend. We have in earlier teachings given you the concept of the “dweller on the threshold” that needs to be bound and slain. These are all valid concepts. I am not here invalidating anything said previously, but I am pointing out to you that in the process of progressive revelation, in the process of a progressive spiritual path, there are stages.

 There comes a point where you need to question the teaching that you have used at a lower level of the path. It is not that you come to see it as wrong or invalid, but it is that you realize that any teaching given in words can only have certain limitations. It can so easily be interpreted in ways that can only take you so far on the path. It is as if that teaching can take you to a certain level but it cannot take you beyond that level. It can actually become a closed circle that keeps you at a certain level.

 What I want to give you is a new way of looking at yourself, your outer self and your inner self. You may have situations in your daily life where you get upset over certain things. You may get irritated, you may get angry, you may be afraid, you may have other patterns. You feel that this is not your highest potential, this is not the way you ideally should be. You feel that you would rather that I did not see you in those situations.

 Separating spirituality and daily life

Many of you have compartmentalized your lives a little bit. This is seen in an extreme form, for example, in many Christians, who as the popular saying goes: “They go to church on Sunday and confess their sins, and then they can go out and sin with good conscience the other six days of the week.” Almost all of the people who are in embodiment have done this to some degree. You separate church and state, so to speak, you separate your spiritual quest from your daily life.

You all have a routine, or at least most of you have a routine, of giving certain decrees and invocations. Many of you have gotten good at setting aside the time, going into a separate space, giving your decrees and invocations. When you feel you are in this controlled environment, where you are doing something spiritual, then you would like me to be there and watch you. When you are yelling at the kids or losing your harmony at work, you would prefer that I was not there, that I did not see this.

Why do you make this distinction? Do you think that I make a distinction? Do you think that I can stand here and say that I love you and my love is unconditional, yet there are some situations where you do something (that is not according to your vision of what a spiritual person should do) and in those situations I no longer love you? Yes, that is how many of you think. That is how the ego thinks, that is how the outer self is programmed to think because it can only see conditional love.

I make no such distinction; I have no value judgments, at least not what you call value judgments. What I desire to give you is this concept that you need to start looking at yourself, your outer self, your normal daily behavior in a different way. Try to break down the separation so that you allow yourself to be free from this tendency to judge yourself. Try to ask yourself why you judge, why you have an idea that as a spiritual person, as an ascended master student, you should always behave such and such and you should never do this or never do that.

Difficulties of being in embodiment

You understand, my beloved, that I have been in physical embodiment on earth. You may have a wonderful image based on the many portraits of me where I sit with this immaculate baby on my lap that is the Christ Child. You may think, based on these glorified images, that when I was in embodiment, when Jesus was little, when there were other children in the house, you may think my house was always perfectly clean, perfectly orderly and I never raised my voice to the children. You may think so but that was not the case.

I was in my last embodiment at the time, as many of you are. I had considerable spiritual attainment, but I can assure you that there were times where I lost my head, so to speak. I got irritated with the children, I got irritated with Joseph and sometimes I yelled at them.

This may shock you, but what I am pointing out to you is that I was a human being in embodiment on a very dense planet in a very tense situation.

You are also in a very tense situation in these very intense decades where we are transitioning between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius. I can assure you that anybody who is a spiritual person, who is striving for a higher consciousness, is being subjected to a tremendous pressure, a tremendous amount of projections in this time. There are forces that do not want you to succeed, they do not want you to raise your consciousness, they do not want you to manifest your Christhood.

They are desperate to make you hold on to some idea that because of some flaw you have, because of some mistake you made yesterday or 30 years ago, you are not worthy to represent the ascended masters, to express your Christhood, to take a stand for anything that will improve life on earth. They are desperate to make you hold on to that illusion, so I ask you to look at your outer self differently.

Hiding from Mother Mary

There is a period on the path where it is constructive to look at your ego and the outer self as something that opposes your growth, that holds back your growth, that needs to be dealt with. You need to make the calls for the energies to be transmuted, you need to come to see the illusions. You may need to make the calls for Archangel Michael to bind your dweller, to bind your ego, to bind all kinds of dark forces attacking you through that ego and through that dweller.

These are all legitimate steps to take, but when you have taken those steps and you come to the next level, this is no longer constructive.

It is not that your outer self and your ego are no longer opposing your path. They are—if you let them. What I want to communicate to you is: “Stop letting them!”  The way to do this is to look at your outer self, your ego, not as an enemy of your spiritual growth, not as an ally of your spiritual growth but as inconsequential for your spiritual growth.

You need to look at them and say: “I acknowledge that I have this tendency. I see that this is part of my outer self, but it is not who I am. It is not going to define me, and it is not going to hold me back on my path. It is not going to make me hide from Mother Mary.”

You see, my beloved, I am in complete acceptance of the Law of Free Will and your individual free will. If you say: “Mother Mary, I don’t want you to look at me in this situation,” then I will not look at you. When I do not look at you, I cannot help you, my beloved. I cannot look away from you and hold the immaculate concept for you at the same time. You are asking me, in effect, not to hold that immaculate concept for you, precisely in the situations where you need me to do so.

Do you see? When you are in perfect harmony and perfectly at peace, you do not really need me to hold the immaculate concept for you, do you? It is when you are out of harmony that you need me to hold the balance for you. In those situations you so often, without realizing it, are saying: “Oh, Mother Mary, don’t look now; leave me alone.” You think that if I saw you in that state, I would not love you.

When I say: “I love you,” I do not make the distinction between the outer and the inner self. Of course, I know who you are. I know that the inner self is real; I know that the outer self is unreal. But right now it is part of your total being, and I love you as a totality, as the total being that you are. I recognize a very simple fact, which I have from my own experience: When we are in embodiment in an unascended sphere, especially on a planet as dense as earth, we cannot avoid having an outer self.

Why you need an outer self

You cannot be in embodiment on a planet like earth and be completely free of an outer self because you could not stand being here. There are so many things happening on this planet right now that if you were to fully acknowledge them, you simply could not handle being in embodiment. Your compassion would literally scatter your aura because you would want to help all of these people who are suffering.

Your outer self is almost like a protection so that you can be on this planet. You can function in terms of your daily life but also in terms of focusing on raising your own consciousness. In order to do this on a planet like this, you need to have a shield around you. You almost need to have blinders on so that you do not see all of the things that are going on. It is simply a necessary defence mechanism.

 I also know that when you have this outer self, the outer self is what it is. It is born of the duality consciousness; it has an internal conflict. It has an internal division, and this will pull you in different directions. There will be outer situations where it just gets too much for you. It is just too overwhelming when the children are screaming and will not listen, and it is so easy to get irritated. I did it myself, my beloved.

I don’t know what you really imagine about the beings who have ascended from a planet like earth. You may think that Jesus was the perfect human being when he was in embodiment, but I have told you before that he was not. He could also get out of harmony, he could also lose his temper. He could be very short, very direct, almost irritable when people approached him—and I understand why. He was so focused within that when someone pulled on his attention, it was too much for him to bridge the two worlds.

You may think that El Morya, or Master MORE, in his last embodiment was always cool, calm and collected. If you look at some of his previous embodiments, you would see that he would also sometimes get overwhelmed by the energies and react in various ways. You have all thought about Saint Germain as the “Wonderman of Europe,” and yes, when he did get a dispensation to manifest a physical body, he was in the ascended state of consciousness and he was always cool calm and collected. That was after he had qualified for his ascension. Before that he was not always in total harmony.

Why you need to love your enemy

None of us, who have ascended, have ascended by being perfect according to some standard defined by the fallen beings. We have ascended by coming to a point where we realized that this fallen standard is not going to define me anymore and that means only one thing: Whatever human self you have left, you need to love it. There comes a point where you need to love your human self, your outer self, your ego, your dweller on the threshold, whatever you want to call it.

As I said, there is a stage on the path where you need to see it as the opponent of your spiritual growth. You need to separate yourself from it. When you have separated yourself from it to a certain degree, if you still at that point continue to see it as an opponent, as an enemy, you are still letting it define you. When you are completely blinded by your outer self, it is defining you. When you are opposing it, seeing it as an enemy of your spiritual growth, it is also defining you although in a different way.

You come to this point where you realize that the next step is that you no longer see it as an enemy because you realize it cannot define you, it cannot stop your path. At that point, if you do not see it as an enemy, your logical step is to love it. Surely, it is difficult to love something that you see as your enemy. In order to be completely free of that enemy, you have to come to a point where you do what Jesus told people to do 2,000 years ago: “Love your enemies.” Then, they cannot define you.

What is it that defines you, my beloved? You are spiritual beings. What is a spiritual being? A spiritual being in embodiment is ideally an open door for unconditional love. What happens when you think you have an enemy and you say: “I cannot love that enemy, I cannot express love towards that enemy?” You are letting the enemy cause you to shut off the flow of unconditional love through you. Then you are letting that enemy define you because now you are no longer a spiritual being who sees yourself as an open door for unconditional love. You see yourself as something else, something lesser.

Love your enemies. Then you will be free from them and the consciousness they represent. You will be free to be what you are, an open door for unconditional love. You will be free to accept fully, with all of your being, that God loves you, that I love you. Then, you can love yourself, you can love both the your part and the self part.

Making the outer self irrelevant

There comes a point where you are making a distinction between the outer self and the real self, between what is real and what is unreal. You no longer need to hide the unreal self from me or from yourself. You see it as unreal, you see that it does not define you. You are not threatened by it, you are not even really concerned about it. It is not even really important.

You may say with the linear mind that I am contradicting myself and what I have said earlier. When you go beyond the linear mind, you see that I am talking about a progression. There is a stage where you need to separate yourself from the outer self. You do that by seeing yourself as distinct from the outer self. There also comes a point where you need to transcend the outer self. 

Contrary to what most of you tend to think, this does not mean that you have no outer self. It means that you come to the point where the outer self you have left is just enough to keep you in embodiment. It is no longer a threat to your spiritual progress or to your service to other people. At that point, you do not need to be concerned with it anymore. You do not need to continue to analyze it and to try to expose it and try to find out: “What is my ego, what is going on, what is it I am believing?”

All of these tools are valid, but there comes a point where it is no longer necessary to be so concerned and focused on it. There is, of course, a balance to be found. We do not want you to go back into being identified with the outer self and not seeing things you need to overcome. You can come to this point where you have made peace with the fact that as long as you are in embodiment, you have certain aspects of the outer self. If you once in a while fall into that pattern, then you do not need to condemn yourself.

You do not need to think up this whole epic drama that now you have made a mistake that you can never overcome. Now Mother Mary is not going to love me, she is not going to approach me for three months or whatever you think. You do not need to punish yourself, you do not need to impose some kind of penance on you. “Now I have to recite 350 Hail Mary’s because I yelled at the children.” Or whatever people do, thinking they can somehow compensate, and then I will suddenly love them again when they have done this mechanical thing or lit so many candles in the church.

Mother Mary is not a fallen being

You need to come to this point where you realize that this is not how I think, this is not how I feel, this not how I look at you. I am an ascended master, I am not a fallen being. I do not look at you as the fallen beings do. Please, if you love me, stop projecting onto me that I look at you as the fallen beings do. I do not!

 Do I sound stern? It is because I want to cut through this resistance of the outer self that will not acknowledge that I am not like the image of me created by the fallen beings. I am an ascended being. I refuse to conform to the images of the fallen beings. I absolutely refuse.

When I have a messenger who is willing to be the open door, I will speak in the physical what billions of people need to hear. I am a God-free being. I am not bound by the consciousness of human beings in embodiment or fallen beings in and out of embodiment. I am free of it, I want you to be free of it. You cannot be completely free; I cannot help you to the maximum degree, if you will not realize that I am not affected by this.

My love is not conditional. There are people who absolutely refuse to acknowledge unconditional love. They are found everywhere in churches and spiritual movements and elsewhere. They are either fallen beings in embodiment or they are totally blinded by the fallen consciousness, there is no other explanation here. God never has and never will conform to the consciousness of the fallen beings or unascended beings.

Spiritual pride

It is one of the most severe manifestations of anti-love to think that someone in embodiment on a planet as dense as earth can define how God is going to act, think or look at life. It is complete and utter spiritual pride. There are fallen beings in embodiment and in the astral plane, in the mental plane and in the identity realm of planet earth who think they are high and sophisticated beings. As Jesus said: “On their fruits ye shall know them.” Just look at what is going on here on planet earth and you will see that this cannot be a very high planet. If it is not a very high planet, then none of the fallen beings associated with earth can be very sophisticated beings—except in their own minds. It is not rocket science to see that on a planet with so many manifestations of anti-love, so much war, so much conflict, those who are creating this cannot be very sophisticated beings.

Stop following them! Stop thinking that they have the capacity or the authority to define how the ascended masters think or feel, or what the ascended masters should say or should not say, or through which messenger they should speak or through which messenger they should not speak. I cannot help those who, even though they acknowledge me as an ascended master, are projecting a fallen image onto me. I cannot help you because I cannot and will not violate your free will even though it is not a conscious decision you are making. I cannot hold the immaculate concept for you in the situations where you need it the most.

There are people who believe they are spiritual, even ascended master students, who are almost constantly in a state of consciousness that is not their highest potential and where they need me to hold the immaculate concept for them. But they will not let me do so, and the consequence is that their consciousness becomes a self-reinforcing, closed spiral. They believe they are making progress, they believe they are going to make their ascension in this life. They are exactly like the Christians who believe that Jesus will save them at the end of this lifetime and they will go to heaven because they have been good Christians.

How to ascend

If you have not shifted your consciousness, how can you enter the ascended realm? There is no other criteria, my beloved, than your state of consciousness, there is no outer thing you could do to qualify. Do you not understand this?

This is a consequence of the fact that God’s love is unconditional. This also means there is nothing you could do on earth, there is no condition you could define and live up to on earth, that would force God to let you into the Kingdom. You will enter the Kingdom when you stop trying to force God to let you in and accept that God will let you in when you no longer have any conditions in your mind that define how you or God should behave.

I am not here saying that you can do anything you want. When you are in oneness with your I AM Presence and your higher self, you will not want to do most of the things that human beings do. It will not be because you are forcing yourself to not do it based on some spiritual ideal; it will be because you naturally do not choose to do this. There is no artificial evaluation on your part based on what you should or should not do. You are simply flowing with your self, with your higher self.

As I said, this is a dense planet. Life gets messy sometimes, and you have these situations where even though you may have reached a high level of the spiritual path, you still fall below, you still get irritated, you still get out of sorts. There is a period on the path where you need to look at these situations and look at the pattern and find out what the pattern is and go after it. There comes a higher stage where you need to allow yourself to once in a while be imperfect . Then, instead of condemning yourself, instead of over-analyzing “Why did I do this?” you just simply move on. You just move on.

Stop judging yourself

If you are out walking and it starts raining and you come into the house with drops of water on your coat, do you condemn yourself for having water on your coat? Do you over-analyze why this water would stick to your coat? Or do you simply shake it off, hang up your coat and get on with your daily business?

My beloved, please stop thinking that I look at you and judge you like you judge yourself. I judge no man and no woman, I have no judgment towards any being even the darkest fallen being you could imagine. I have no judgment. I love you without any conditions. I love the totality of who you are. I realize that part of the path of growth in an unascended sphere, especially on a planet as dense as earth, is that you go into the human consciousness and you live out the human consciousness until you have had enough of the experience. Then, you separate yourself from it and say: “I no longer want this. This is no longer me, this does not define me.”

This is just part of the path, my beloved. Give yourself freedom from always judging, evaluating, analyzing. Work towards a point where you can see yourself do something that was not perfect, but instead of condemning and analyzing yourself, you just look at it and say: “So what?” Then you move on.

If you listen carefully, my beloved, you will hear that all of the demons in the astral plane are howling at you right now that you must not accept what I am saying. “You must not believe this, this must be a false teaching, this cannot be right.” They are desperate to make you reject what I am saying because it is the only hold they have over you.

If you can let go of this illusion, most of you will be free in a way you have never been before. You will be free just to be yourselves.

Why do you think I want you to be someone else? Why do you think I want you to live up to some norm, some image of how an ascended master student, how a spiritual person, should be?

I see that God has given you each one of you a unique individuality. I want you to express that individuality to the greatest extent possible in your daily lives. I want you to bring the gift to this planet that you decided you wanted to bring before you came into embodiment. I do not want you to conform to some outer standard of what a spiritual person should be; I want you to be who you are. You cannot be who you are if you are always judging and analyzing and thinking you should live up to some outer standard and norm. I cannot hold the immaculate concept for you if you think that I am the one who has imposed this standard upon you.

Please, my beloved, stop thinking you have to hide anything from me. I am a very experienced mother. I have seen everything that naughty children could possibly do, absolutely everything, starting with Jesus, who could be extremely naughty. Don’t think you can surprise me, don’t think you can make me turn away from you.

I wish, I wish there were words that I could say that could reach into your mind and turn the dial of consciousness so that it would just click and you would be free. I know there are no such words. Therefore, I have to give you words you can hear, hoping that over time you will allow them to sprout and grow until the point that the rose of the heart unfolds and you can accept the love behind the words. This is the love that cannot be carried by the words and the love that cannot be confined to the words, the love that I am. I love you. Will you love yourself as I love you?


© Kim Michaels 2015

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