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The Nature of Evil

Henna MariaEvil is not an easy subject to understand. It can take a long time before one can grasp the many aspects that are related to the study of good and evil.

Without intuition (knowledge inspired by the inner teacher, Christ in you, also called your Higher Self),  it is difficult to find true insights on the matter.

That's because the evil ones don't want you to know the Truth and discover the Path to overcome evil.

You can start watching and listening to Henna Maria a young woman that does quite a good job in explaining the topic.

Then if you really like to go deeper, i would recommend Kim Michaels free online website showing the more esoteric aspects of evil as it is revealed in the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. You find the link below the videos

Love,  Roeland Solcer


Exploring the nature of evil and the deliberate destruction of freedom which is taking place right now.

Understanding what fear does to our consciousness and how it is being used as a weapon of mind control.

Talking about the various ways that fabricated ideologies and false belief systems are creating chaos in our consciousness.

Exploring the core tenets of satanism, in order for us to rid our minds of that filth.

Final episode of the series, going into the very core of our unconscious consent to dark occultism and manifestation of evil. Viewer discretion advised, as the video contains information about ritual abuse.

The least you need to know about evil

by Kim Michaels

The very least you need to know is that evil is precipitated by an active, aggressive force, consisting of specific types of beings. The fallen beings behind this force are seeking to influence you and all other human beings. They are also seeking to influence society and they have done so throughout history.

Fallen beings have no respect for you as an individual and they have no respect for society or for humanity as a whole. Fallen beings have produced the vast majority of what most people see as evil phenomena, even many phenomena that people normally don’t see as evil.

As a general term, this website will refer to the beings who precipitate evil as:

fallen beings

The immediate reason for using this terminology is that these beings have fallen to a lower level of consciousness where they see themselves as separate from all other self-aware beings and from their source. They have fallen into complete selfishness. How this happened, will be explained in the section on the cosmic origin of evil.

The underlying cause of evil

The term “fallen beings” is appropriate because the underlying cause of evil is a lack of awareness, due to a fall into a lower state of consciousness. This lack of awareness has many facets, as will be exposed on this site. However, the main aspect of the unawareness behind evil is a specific mindset, namely duality or the consciousness of separation.

This will be explained in greater depth elsewhere, but the essence is that this form of unawareness obscures the basic fact of life. The science of quantum physics has proven through irrefutable experiments that everything in the entire universe is connected as one whole:

The basic fact of life is that all human beings are connected.

The ultimate illusion produced by the consciousness of duality is that we are separate beings, meaning that if I harm you, it will not affect myself. 

The most unaware, or to use a popular expression stupid, thing a being can do is to harm itself. Harming another human being will inevitably harm yourself, but fallen beings will vehemently deny this fact.

When you look at history, you find many examples of fallen beings who have been willing to kill or harm many people. These fallen beings have all believed they could kill others without harming themselves, without producing consequences for themselves. This is a very high level of unawareness, but it does not prevent people from being very intelligent, knowledgable and powerful.

Evil and awareness

Ignorance of fallen beings will in no way free or protect you from their influence. Denying or ignoring that such beings exist will only make you more vulnerable to being influenced by them.

The only way to rise above the influence of fallen beings is to raise your awareness. A raising of awareness (individually and collectively) is the basis for all progress seen on this planet. Today, we have a better foundation for understanding evil than ever before.

However, we still need to look beyond the PIN (Programmed Illusion of Normality) in order to expose evil. This website will give you everything you need in order to understand the origin of evil.

Many people fear evil. Fear is ALWAYS based on ignorance. Once you understand evil as a lack of awareness, you will also become aware how you can protect yourself personally and how you can make a contribution to removing evil from earth.

Fallen beings form a force that has only a temporary existence. It is entirely possible to remove evil from earth and this website will explain how it can be done.


Text from Kim Michaels website: Explaining the origin and methods of evil .

YouTube channel : Henna Maria

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