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Proof of the connection between 5G and Corona Virus

corona 5G 2

[VIDEO] The National Institute of Health confirms the relation between Corona virus and 5G. I have from the beginning of this "Plandemic"known that this relation is obvious. Click here to see my the video where i talk about this in the beginning of April of 2020.

Now, as you can see in this video this is proven beyond a shadow af a doubt by the US National Institutes of Health

Just watch the whole video below and please share this very important information with the world and especially with your (local) governments. Because of this information the whole conspiracy of the cabal is in fact exposed!

Roeland Solcer 

Founder of the Party for Love Governance


 Update : The Paper could be found here, https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32668870/

but is suddenly retracted... Well you know how this goes.... follow the money.

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This video below was deleted by youtube which is a clear indication of CENSORSHIP. 


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