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By Janet Ossebaard & Cyntha Koeter

A follow up of the Fall of the Cabal documentary

 Part 1 to 26: Who is the Cabal? In this series, the Cabal will be fully exposed. As time is running out, we will upload one part at the time. Research and script are done... for all  parts.  This Sequel is not about Q, nor Trump. It is about the Cabal. It will give you info that will blow you off your socks. Crime, murder, money laundering, cartels, high treason, all of which under your nose...

Dutch:  Er is begonnen met een Nederlandse ondertiteling. De eerste 9 delen zijn momenteel ondertiteld. Zodra er meer afleveringen klaar zijn, worden ze geplaatst.

 About Janet: Dr. Janet M. Ossebaard was born in 1966.

1994 was the year she became entranced by crop circles, after visiting a crop circle in Assen. From 1995,  she spent all her summer vacations in Southern England, the peak location of the phenomenon. She visited the shaped formations there and spent months examining them.

During this time and onward she spent a lot of time  going to different formations(in the UK, Netherlands and Germany specifically). Janet focused on taking samples for biophysical research, taking detailed pictures of the formations, and mapping out the anomalies found at the site, such as the presence of foreign substances, bent, twisted or torn off stems and seed heads. These allowed for cataloging the events in detail and identifying the more likely works of the Circle Makers...  More

Watch an interrview with Janet & Cyntha here

Part 1


Part 2: The Wrath of the Jesuit Council... From Weishaupt and the creation of the Order of the Illuminati to Napoleon and WWI. Follow their trail of destruction in order to know whom we are dealing with. By Janet Ossebaard & Cyntha Koeter. Music: Alexander Nakarada.


Part 3: About the Russian Revolution, the Great Depression and WWII... all instigated by the Cabal. Through manipulating the Stock market, by pushing Cabal puppets forward , and by ruthlessly killing millions of people who stood in their way. With one goal, and one goal alone...


Part 4: The Protocols of Zion.. By Janet Ossebaard & Cyntha Koeter


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