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JFK Speaks out Against the New World Order


JFK speaks out against the NWO. Look up Executive Order 11110 it would have taken the strongest power away from the elite. This is the real reason he was killed along with his brother RFK. Educate yourselves and spread the word. Tough times are ahead and you can only prepare when you are aware.


We have published this already many years ago, but new generations must also be educated that this New World Order Conspiracy has been going on for decades, yes even for ages. In fact it started since mankind fell from the consciousness of Oneness and Paradise into the lower dualistic conscioussness of separation.

Since then the luciferic and satanic forces have started to dominate this planet. JFK was a lightbearer, a soul with a mission and like all U.S. presidents that are open to it, he was guided by the ascended master Saint Germain, who is the Spiritual Godfather of the U.S.A.

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Roeland Solcer founder of the PvdL


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