'My People Perish for Lack of Knowledge'

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End Times

Sid Roth It's Supernatural 

James Durham was shown that our technology and electricity will be wiped out. No TV, cell phones. Just the shocking goodness of God and the Kingdom. “They’re not ready,” Jesus said. Kingdom age? These days, who has time to blink much less think about how to be practical for the future? But after a recent trip to Heaven, seer James Durham says get ready. James saw into the time Jesus comes and after, a season of thriving AND change. The walls of technology had come tumbling down, pre-1900s or before. Shocking or not, his new book, Alert! Perilous Times Ahead, helps you think beyond a well-stocked pantry and instead be spiritually and mentally ready. What’s most important? Among practical transition keys, remember to: • Be spiritually resilient • Operate in discernment • Take the Holy Spirit with you James also lays out sound advice on two new CD/audio teachings, Top 10 Ways to Prepare for the End Times and God’s Next Prophetic Season. God has already seen that season and looks forward to it! Known for his prolific trips to Heaven, James Durham wasn’t ready for this vision of a future without technology. But Jesus wants you to be ready. The planet will thrive when He returns.

Kevin Zadai recently had a 5-1/2 hour face to face encounter with Jesus! What did they talk about? The next 11 years! And then Jesus explained the books of Ephesians and Corinthians verse-by-verse, focusing on the body of believers and the importance of spiritual gifts. Including yours. Jesus then shared wisdom specifically for the season ahead. Including— • The Father’s love • The angelic • The coming move of God • The year of Jubilee • House churches • Prospering in hard times • Mysteries of the faith And finally, Jesus revealed that a deception has come upon the earth, and it will end in an exposure of false ministers and ministries. So be aware, and take care for your sake and others. Kevin’s exclusive 4-CD/audio series, My Time with Jesus Concerning Your Future, comes with his new book, You Can Hear God’s Voice—because now is the acceptable time to: • Recognize God’s voice apart from other voices • Get clarity in knowing God’s will • Know your rights and privileges as a believer • Walk in discernment through the Holy Spirit What Kevin describes is an exciting season. It’s important and ahead of you now! Kevin Zadai is a licensed pilot who God told to be a flight attendant. Over a long career with a major airline, the former employee-of-the-year ministered to its passengers daily, carrying the Glory of God as he worked. Today Kevin is retired, but he is still a busy traveler, including frequent trips to Heaven.




The prophets are speaking over our nation and it's future. What are they saying? How accurate are these prophecies? Kim Clement has been an amazing word to even now. America's future is not in man's hands, but God's hands.


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