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Ep. 2934b - Official Secrets Ready To Be Revealed, [DS] Moves To Blackout The Information   November 25, 2022

The [DS] are now reacting to everything, they are panicking over Twitter. They have lost control of the blocking system and the EM is about to reveal the truth. The people that were banned are now about to come back online. The [DS] in the end will only have one choice, a communication blackout because official secrets are about to be revealed. The [DS] never thought that the secrets would see the light of day. Trump is pushing freedom. 

Eric Trump/Clay Clark - This Is A Battle Between Good And Evil,The People Are Winning,Enjoy The Show    November 24, 2022

Eric Trump kicks off the conversation with the status of the country, the economic status is not good, the country is headed in the wrong direction. Trump showed the people what can be done and the people see the difference. Trump is the the block and the establishment is trying to remove the block to get to the people. This is a battle between good and evil, it’s almost like we are watching the show. Clay continues the conversation with what the [WEF] wants to do to this world and the people are now fighting back. The people are awake and there are a lot more of us than them.

Ep. 2931b - AZ Counties Will Not Certify Election, The World Is Fighting Back & Destroying The Cult    November 21, 2022

 The cult is failing, the world is helping. AZ counties are coming together and they are not certifying the elections. The [DS] is failing and they are becoming desperate, they are going after Trump because they know if he takes office again it is game over. They are trying to stop him but this will backfire in the end, the patriots are bringing the [DS] down the path they want. 

Ep. 2930b - [DS] Playbook Known, Trump On Twitter, The Pieces Of The Storm Are Coming Together   November 20, 2022

The [DS] have deployed all assets to stop Trump, they have brought in a SC to indict Trump. Trump and the patriots know this plan, countermeasures are in place. The [DS] will shutdown communications to stop the flow of information. The pieces to the storm are coming together. Trump was reinstated on Twitter, everthing is set. The storm is approaching and the [DS] is falling right into the trap that was set.


Ep. 2930a - Midterms Are Over, Biden Warns The American Public, The Economic Awakening   November 20, 2022

The people are now running out of savings, they are resorting to credit, the people are being brought to the precipice. The people are not with the [CB]/[D]s, people are not going along with the loan forgiveness. Why hasn't the Ds remove the Trump tax cut, they said they were going to do it.


Charlene Bollinger - [DS] Colluded With Corporations To Censor The People, Propaganda Exposed  November 19, 2022

Today’s Guest: Charlene Bollinger
Website: Propaganda Exposed [Uncensored]


Charlene is the creator of the new docu-series Propaganda Exposed. The discussion begins with Charlene explaining the second part of her documentary, propaganda exposed [uncensored]. The US government colluded with corporations to censor the people to control the narrative by using propaganda. They were caught and exposed. 





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