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Ep. 2726a - The [CB] System Is Being Destroyed,The Birth Of A New Economic System Comes Into Focus  March 15, 2022

The European states are starting to realize that they cannot depend on other nations for their energy. The [CB]/Biden admin are failing to keep the narrative, each passing day it gets worse and worse. Producer inflation rises to 10%. Russia planning new supply routes. SA considers accepting other currencies.


Frank - Change Of Batter Coming, The Entire Sick Corrupt System Is About To Fall   December 30, 2021

Frank is the creator and owner of Quite Frankly Podcast. Frank begins the conversation with [JB] that he has done nothing his first year. The [DS] players are preparing to change it up and most likely replace him for [KH]. The [DS] is using the pandemic to make a final push, but this will fail. Everything is now in motion to take down the corrupt sick system.

Ep. 2664b - The Pandemic Is Fake, The War Is Real, The Stage Has Been Set, Panic   December 29, 2021

The [DS]/Big Pharma are now panicking. The people are now waking up and they are starting to understand that the PCR test is flawed and cannot tell you if you have covid, flu or the common cold. The push to get everyone vaccinated is now on, if this fails, which it will it is game over for the them. The stage has been set, the [DS] was blindsided and their fake science policies are not making any sense. Panic all over the place and the fake news is now trying to back track. Enjoy the show.



Ep. 2663b - Chatter Amongst The [DS] Has Begun, Option Two Chosen, Collapse  December 28, 2021

The [DS]/Big Pharma has gone down the path of the collapse. They were given a choice, show the people the truth or collapse under the weight of fraud and criminality, it seems they are choosing option two, collapse. The fake news is already signaling that the pandemic is coming to and end, the clock is now ticking down. The next phase of the patriot plan is now in motion, take the bullhorn away from the fake news. All the pieces are coming together.



Ep. 2557b - Less Than 10 No The Full Story, The Shot Heard Around The World

The [DS] fell right into what the patriots wanted, they laid the ground work and the [DS] did exactly what they thought they would do. Now the people can see it all and they will see much more. World leaders are now angry at [JB] and the puppet masters, the world is turning against them. Devolution is now in play, CM tells everyone that one day people will no the full story of what was planned. This will be the shot heard around the world, it will be a week to remember. 






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