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An interview with Oden Hetrick who visited Heaven many times. It unveils amazing details of Heaven: The Holy City, The Tree of Life, The River of Life, Mansions, Chambers, The Throne of God, The Sea of Glass, Companionship & Intimacy, and much more.

Introducing Oden born on earth---5/21/1922 taken to Heaven to stay---2/5/2001 One day as a small boy my dad cut his finger. When he saw it bleeding he ran crying to his mother. As she bandaged the wound she reassured him with the words, "Cheer up Junior, you're not going to die." It was then that he determined in his heart, "If there is such a thing as everlasting life I'm going to find it." He was born with what they called in those days a "bad heart' (trouble breathing, etc.) But at the age of twelve his parents took him to a revival service in a church where the evangelist prayed for him. God healed him and his heart never troubled him again. From earliest childhood, Dad knew that he was being watched over by an invisible guardian angel.

At the age of twelve he accepted Jesus as his Savior from sin. At sixteen he dedicated his life to God. Such joy filled his soul that he laughed all the way home and could hardly sleep that night. Thereafter his quest for eternal life took on new meaning, and he looked forward to living in Heaven forever. He knew that he was delivered many times throughout his life by supernatural intervention from accidents, evil men and death. He once said that all he ever learned in College was how to study and that he loved to do. Then throughout his life, he would write articles and books about the truths he discovered. Another part of his ministry was traveling and singing with his family.

In this way he was able to share his message of the good news of salvation, and our pilgrim journey through life, with the Celestial City as our final destination and goal of every Christian. One day while he was painting a house he saw three angels around him. He heard them say "Let's take him to Heaven" He responded with "Oh no I can't go in these paint clothes!" But the next thing he knew he was standing on soft green grass, with beautiful flowers. About this he always said, "You should never say no to your angels" That was the first of many, many visits. He stopped counting after 80 and that was still early in his life. Here is one of his many definitions, inspired by the things he saw and heard. DEVOTION — the ways of God should so delight your heart, soul, and mind that they become personal traits of character without mental effort.

Heaven is big like a planet. The city of Heaven, New Jerusalem, is foursquare as in Rev 21:10-16, with 12 foundations, walls of jaspar and 3 gates on each side. Over the gates are the names of the tribes of Israel. After entering the gate you go thru a large bright hallway, you are greeted by an angel and then you step into the Holy Place of Heaven. This is where you see the River of Life, the Tree of Life, and the big beautiful City Mansions. The round tower you see in the center is the Holy of Holies of Heaven. This is the Throne Room of Yahweh.

Around the outside of the City is an outer expanse like environs or suburbs. These suburbs are huge and are very much like earth, with mountains and valleys, trees and rivers. But unlike earth, (Mat 6:19) there is nothing here to corrupt. (Mat 6:20 & Rev 21:4 & 27) Also this City with suburbs was finished from the foundation of the world. It was made before the earth was created. (Heb 4:3 & Mat 25:34)


For more information, please visit the website: http://www.odenhetrick.com

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