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The Mystery of Love

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The Raphaël Academy 

Introduction of the Universal Mysteryschool of the New Age

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Hello, this is the postman of God ,

It should be clear to people, who have been following this project,” The Party for Love Governance” that this project was conceived by the Holy Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit is always the source of all that is really beneficial. I speak or write to you now in my capacity as messenger or companion of the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood, who will again assist us in this brand new Age of Aquarius, to bring everything to a good end. Thanks to the IT revolution, and to the Ascended Master Saint Germain, as hierarch of the Aquarian Age, who pleaded for the release of this technique,  the much needed development and acceleration of mankind's consciousness on Earth, has been made possible. 

 This aside, though it is important because it enables us, in a unique way to get in touch with each other, even without having ever known each other in this life. This means for instance, that the internet can connect us quickly with people with whom we already had a karmic connection in past lives.

And because the law of karma is infallible, we can be confident that this is a daily occurance.

The collective consciousness of people will have many aspects represented in as many groups of people. There are currently about "accidentally", one billion (=1000 000 000) websites online and now you are reading this article on, to say the least, an ususal' website, where many, initially may not be able to make any sense of . It is of course not by accident that you read these words.

Anyone who has any genuine interest in the spiritual path, soon learns that "chance" exists, something will come to you, but that is not accidental, it is not something that just happens, because everything in God's creation is well organized, even if many do not think so. Even the very hairs on your head are numbered, as Jesus teaches us. Therefore: "Welcome to the world of a modern mystic, a companion on the Path of Love."

God speaks through his postmen on the internet

It is not easy to understand for the traditional Christian community and many others , that the ascended masters , the emissaries of God and teachers of mankind , including Jesus Christ , now communicate over the Internet ! We do not want to dwell on this too long , but why not?
God uses everything for the good, so have faith, I bring you good tidings! If you are led to this article, and that you are, then it would be a shame if you would throw away, or sleep through the opportunity of a lifetime , to find Truth Or are you not looking for true - ish -ness, Truth ? "

We do ot  necessarily mean ' The Truth ', because that feature can only be attributed to God Himself, and let's make it very clear, I am a very ordinary postman from God, not a master, but one of the many students of the Ascended Masters, and I have come to inform you about a unique opportunity to reach self -mastery yourself. Not by following me, but by following the Ascended Masters, who have set up a branch of the mystery school on the Internet.

A Mystery School is a school of life where you learn what the meaning of life is, who you are and what your Divine Plan is, why you came on Earth now , and much more!

I myself have been on the go for a while, hence my job as a postman or companion of God. You know the list: apprentice, companion, master, the basic hierarchical structure of each Guild. Yes get used to it, the Creation and every organization is to our three- dimensional consciousness, build like a pyramid, thats where the Free Masons are right. That's because originally, long ago, Freemasonry was initiated by the ascended masters, but as usual, God's Revelation is corrupted over time by all too human interpretations and originally pure revelation and initiatives are infiltrated by the forces of evil or the antichrist. This was done with the momentum and revelations of Jesus Christ, Buddha and all the initiatives undertaken, from God's Kingdom, to save the people on earth from their self-created misery.


Spiritual mastery is a constant high state of ( self ) consciousness, in which an adept ( another word for master ) finds himself. We speak of an "enlightened state of consciousness', because the frequency ( wavelength )in which the Christ consciousness vibrates, is considerably higher than the average consciousness of people on earth. I'm talking about an Ascended Master, so a child of God who has returned to his spiritual Father- and Motherland , who conquered death and is a permanent citizen of the Kingdom of God. Jesus found himself, since the baptism in the Jordan, from his thirtieth to his thirty-third year of life, in the last phase of his Ascension on the steps of Christ consciousness, which only a master who is not ascended yet can climb. Master Jesus was almost always , not always, according to his own words, at that time, overshadowed by the Holy Spirit of God.

The Gospels say it this way: After the baptism by John the Baptist, the Holy Spirit stayed upon him. Jesus became in his last life on earth, after the baptism in the Jordan, a Spiritual Master or Teacher, and therefore he was almost immediately afterwards , led into temptation in the desert to be tested whether he could resist evil in all its forms, under the most difficult circumstances imaginable! As you may know, Gautama Buddha also had to endure this initiation or test, it is one of the many tests or exams that you must pass in order to get higher up, within the Universal Mystery School.


The life of Jesus Christ, as we generally know it from the Bible, can be seen as a travelogue of mankind on the Spiritual Path of Love, after all, Jesus gave us the only immortal eternal Cosmic Law:

"Love God above all and your neighbor like yourself ", That's all!  It's so simple and yet an infinitely profound mystery. I recall that  the Old Testamentical law of Moses, who is now an ascended Master, was generally valid for the Jewish people. I assume almost everyone knows, the "Ten Commandments ". I sometimes say to people and to myself, forget everything you know, because with these words, " Love God above all and your neighbor as yourself ', you have enough to succesfully walk the beginning of the Spiritual Path. 

That is not to say that there is not much more to learn in our dimension, and we as students in the mystery school, have respect and admiration for each form of science, knowledge or skills whether it be worldly or spiritual matters. Incidentally, we mainly learn about ' Gnosis, or Mysticism ' in which you acquire knowledge while you walk the Inner Path, as opposed to the outer path of 'secular science', with which Western man is most familiar, because this path has been redeveloped in the last few centuries in the West. It was my lot in this life to make a synthesis of all the " good seed " that God has planted in both cultures of Easrt and West.

The inner path has existed since time immemorial, because from the moment people fell from Edenic consciousness, there remained a possibility to return to God's Kingdom through the intervention of the Ascended Masters and walking the path to Unity that God is, in which we live and move. 

The Practice

You may wonder why it is that so few Christians - and this is true for all religious people, understand and put into practice what Jesus or any other favorite teacher or prophet teaches. If it really is as simple, as stated above, why is the Kingdom of Heaven, which is according to Jesus 'closer than hands and feet', not manifest on earth? This question, observation , conclusion, should make each believer and practitioner of the great world religions, think. Why do we see so few manifestations of the unconditional Love of Christ, or the Peace of the Buddha, even among those who say they are, students of the Masters ?

Why ? Because most people do not put into practice what the Master teaches them. Thus, they can not reach the finals of the " Mystery School on Earth," which we call Paradise. Even sadder is, of course, that there is no other way to get off the wheel of rebirth, other than to go through this training program. The masses of the world do not even know of the existence of this unique opportunity. They are born, live and die without knowledge, and certainly without Gnosis.

Everything is Consciousness

This is in short, because many people are still living in the consciousness of the "Old Testament " of even before the Age of Pisces ( The Age of Aries and before that the Age of Taurus , etc. ) and are not yet born again in the New Testamentical consciousness, the Pisces consciousness. But in the meantime we live in an even higher frequency, i.e that of the Aquarian consciousness and a hefty delay has occurred, because now many people are lagging behind and that causes a separation of what are called the sheep and goats, of people who do develop spiritually and many who are more or less behind in their spiritual development .

This latter group of people are a bit behind on the cosmic clock. For those not familiar with that term, the cosmic clock is among other things the planned timing of God for the Evolution of His Creation.

I already told you, everything is perfectly arranged, according to a Divine Plan and everything unfolds in time and space, in accordance with God's perfect Will. But now you know it, as far as you did not know, and even if you cannot imagine it, your life from now, will never be the same again.

 History repeats itself ..

In the Old Testament we see the Jewish people, the 12 tribes of Israel, symbolizing all the children of God, fallen from Paradise, under the leadership of Moses and with God's help (the help of the Holy Spirit ! ) they are freed from their slave status in Egypt, to go on their way to God’s promised land. 

At one time, the 40-year journey through the desert, becomes a test of faith in God, and while Moses receives the ten commandments or laws of the Old Testament from God, they long to return to their old life.  They yearn for the old ego consciousness and its pleasures and make a Golden Calf , the symbol of decadent Egypt. In general, the Golden Calf can also be interpreted as a symbol of the collective consciousness frequencies on Earth during the Age of the Star sign Taurus, which came to a close, as the Age of Aries began. You can also interpret it as desire for the familiar, the old materialistic , lazy and selfish mentality. There are clear parallels with our time, a time when we have to switch from old to new, from the Piscean age, to the Zeitgeist of Aquarius.

For the next 2150 years, the Sun is in the sign of Aquarius. The earth's axis makes a circle every 26000 years, in which every 2150 years -( called a Cosmic month), it passes through one of the signs of the zodiac. The full cycle of 26,000 years is called the Cosmic Great Year.

The Age of Aquarius

The current Age of Aquarius began in 2005 and was officially inaugurated by the Master Saint Germain in 2010. Saint Germain is the hierarch of the Age of Aquarius, like Jesus, was for the Age of Pisces.
He is the representative of the prevailing zeitgeist at the level of the ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood. As previously declared they are the appointed (by God ) Spiritual Teachers of Mankind to give leadership to the Universal Mystery School on Earth. No one can come to God and His Kingdom without living through this Spiritual Path of Education, and so be initiated into the Mysteries of Life. A disciple of the Masters is by definition a mystic and many are called at this time to the Mystical Christ consciousness,to  develop the Higher Consciousness of the Sons and Daughters of God, for the Kingdom is already within you, now just become aware that that is really true!

The laggards

The Old Testament people ( then and ) now , still live by this law: "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth' so for example if another person hits you, a tooth from the mouth, it is just to punish and beat him a tooth from the mouth. Retaliation is the way to settle the bills. The result of this we see every day in the news, endless wars and all the misery that follows. 

The Ten Commandments, were far from perfect, but were tailored to the consciousness of the people at that time. The increased understanding, the higher consciousness that was embodied by the beginning of the Piscean age, by Jesus and Buddha a little earlier,  is of course, summarized in terms such as "FORGIVENESS" and "COMPASSION", concepts that can be traced back to the Universal Law of Love we are talking about here . Jesus and Buddha brought to the East and the West, a higher understanding , because humanity had to grow into this higher consciousness, that both teachers demonstrated.

The main theme and mission for the man who is now developing in the direction of Spirituality and Aquarius Consciousness, is a level above the famous Hermetic Law : " As Above So Below "

It says:

Be here down below everything you already are up above

We students of the Masters, belong to, but certainly are not limited to, the Spiritual Vanguard of humanity. We are no better or worse than anyone else, but we are spiritually a little older than most people. Within the mystery school there is a large variation in degree of development, or in other words, there are many classes that we go through when it comes to realizing the True Self, what we call the Christ consciousness, also called by Buddha. 'Enlightenment '

Students of the Mystery School are just a vanguard in the path of all people, and in a sense we are scouts running ahead of the troops! Through trial and error, and with God's help and the help of his many Ministers, such as the Ascended Masters and the Angels, we will at some stage graduate and be incorporated into the Kingdom of God, and where we will take an occasional peek, as we climb the ladder of consciousness. 

Moses could see the Promised Land too, but not enter, his heart went out to another Promised Land, the Kingdom of Heaven and he has entered it a long time ago, even before the Ascension of Jesus On the Inner Path to the Kingdom of Heaven, which takes you past all kinds of incredible, bizarre but beautiful and moving scenes, there are plenty of moments of fun and humor, with a lot of laughter, because true joy keeps us in part on our feet, and the journey on the path to Gods kingdom is a joyfull one.

 The Ladder of Jacob, the ladder of Consciousness

The awareness of people on Earth is like a hundred and forty-four step scale. More scientifically speaking, there are 144 different frequencies or wavelengths on the scale of human consciousness possible on earth. Because each person has a unique consciousness spectrum, different from another person, you can understand that people who are higher up the consciousness ladder, understand the people who are on a lower step, and the other way around, the people who are at a lower consciousness level, do not understand the people above them at all. Their perspective is different.

Simply put, a teacher can generally understand his students, but students can not fully understand the teacher, because they lack the knowledge and experience of consciousness related to the study subject. The student earns the teacher, this is again the perfect law of God, but as the Masters say, 'Are the students teachable ? Is the student ready to go on the road under the guidance of the Masters. A real smart learner, someone who sincerely wants to learn, understands this immediately, and has an obvious, natural respect for the teacher.

After all the teacher or guide can help the student to progress and is very valuable to the student and that is vice versa! In the mystery school it is therefore the intention that you build your own relationship as soon as possible with the Ascended Master that you are assigned to, for a certain period or class. As long as that is not yet consciously experienced by you, you can make the most of the messages and lessons that can be delivered through different postmen. This is the first message in a new series.

Thank you for your attention.
I AM Raphael, messenger of God.

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