'My People Perish for Lack of Knowledge'

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Elitism is the key to understanding history

TOPICS: The attempt to hold back information - The force that resists growth in awareness - The crucial awareness that is missing - The universal worth of all human beings - The hidden influence of elitism - Democracy and elitism - Do not try to battle the elite - Overcoming the epic mindset -


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Ascended Master Saint Germain, June 22, 2013, through Kim Michaels. Given at a conference in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain and I wish to discourse on the shift in mindset that will help bring the golden age into manifestation. I have, of course, already talked about part of this shift but I wish to take this to a different level.

The attempt to hold back information
If you look back at the last 2,000 years, what most spiritual people see as the Age of Pisces, you will see that the shift that has been happening is not so much in technology and outer achievement but a shift in the raising of awareness. How can you create the kind of sophisticated technology you have today, technology that would have blown the minds of the people of ancient Rome who thought they had the most sophisticated civilization ever to appear on earth? How do you create technology that is so much more sophisticated than what people could even dream about 2,000 years ago? You do so because there has been an increased awareness of how the physical universe works, what scientists call the laws of nature. What I wish to focus on here is the increase in awareness. Truly, what drives progress in society is this increase in awareness.

If you look back at the past 2,000 years, you will see that the increase in awareness has not happened as a deliberate effort to increase awareness. It has actually been a process that has encountered a lot of opposition, and if you look back to the Middle Ages you will see this probably more clearly than most people see it today. Of course, many people today are aware that during the Dark Ages and the Middle Ages the Catholic Church was in the West the major factor that held back the growth in what most people see as knowledge but which I see as a broader awareness.

Most people know that the Catholic Church burned all of the books of the Greek philosophers, suppressed any kind of new knowledge, attempted to suppress science. Therefore, you can see that the Catholic Church was an outer expression of this opposition to the increase in awareness. You now become aware that there is a force that seeks to slow down or even stop, if it could, the increase in awareness.

I do not wish here to focus on the Catholic Church for it is only one example. We have, of course, seen many other examples even in the modern age where we see the communist empire of the Soviet Union seeking to hold back information. We see, for example, that the Soviet Empire could continue to exist only as long as the people were unaware of exactly what was going on, and what was going on both inside and outside of the Soviet Empire. We see even today how the Empire of China is seeking to filter the amount of information available to its citizens even on the Internet, which of course is an almost impossible task even for a regime with the intent and the resources of the current Chinese governmental apparatus.

The force that resists growth in awareness
What we see here is that on the one hand there is a force that wants to stop the growth in awareness but we also see over the past 2,000 years that this force has not been able to hold back the growth in awareness. This is, of course, because we of the ascended masters have released the light and the ideas and teachings that have caused an increase in awareness on an overall level.

Certainly, the force that seeks to hold back the growth in awareness has been successful in slowing down the growth of awareness. Had it not been so, society would have been even further along both technologically and in other ways than it is today. They do have an impact, yet we of the ascended masters do hold the ultimate power to increase awareness on earth. It is, of course, subject to free will, otherwise we could have raised consciousness even more. The fact is that in every age there will always be some individuals that refuse to submit to the force that seeks to limit awareness. They are therefore willing to be the open door for the bringing forth of some ideas that help bring society, civilization, humanity forward.

When you look at the present age, you still see that there is a force that is seeking to hold back the growth in awareness. This is something that unfortunately too many people in the West, in what calls itself the “free world,” is not aware of. They are not sufficiently aware of this force because many people have been deceived into thinking that because they have so-called free societies, free democracies and freedom of speech, there is no force holding back the growth in awareness. This is, of course, not true. All people on earth suffer from a lack of awareness of certain facts, therefore all people are affected by a limited awareness. They are held back in their personal lives and all societies are held back in their ability to manifest the golden age and let go of the past.

The crucial awareness that is missing
What is the one awareness that is missing, the one missing ingredient? It is first of all the awareness that life has a spiritual side. As I have said before, I am not looking to create one dominant religion in the golden age, but I am indeed looking to spread throughout the world a very universal awareness that there is a spiritual realm and reality beyond the material, that human beings are not evolved animals because human beings are lifestreams that were created in the spiritual realm and have descended into physical bodies on earth. They have descended because life on earth gives them an opportunity to raise their consciousness, to expand their awareness. Therefore life on earth has a purpose.

This purpose reaches beyond the lifetime of one physical body. Therefore, all people have had previous embodiments on earth and they might have future embodiments depending on the growth of their consciousness. In other words, there is a path that people can follow that leads them from whatever level of consciousness they have now to the level of consciousness that allows them to ascend and become permanent residents of the spiritual realm, become ascended masters.

These are very universal ideas that are not confined to any particular religion. They do not need to be defined by a particular religion as doctrines and dogmas. They are ideas that can be spread. Even some existing religions might be able to accept them, otherwise other religions can come forth that will incorporate these ideas in their own ways, clothing them in a certain outer framework or mythology and stories that appeal to specific groups of people.

Once you have this universal awareness that human beings are not “human” beings but psycho-spiritual beings and that their lives have a purpose, then you have the foundation for stepping back, looking at life, looking at history and really asking: “What is the force that is opposing the growth in awareness that will allow civilization to reach a higher level in all ways?”

The universal worth of all human beings
Once you are open to the spiritual side of life, you can then take the next step forward and realize that if all human beings are psycho-spiritual beings that originated in a higher realm, then you can see that there is a universal humanity, a universal worth that applies to all human beings. This means that the natural way to look at human beings is that all beings on earth have equal value and should have equal rights. These rights should be defined in order to give all people an equal opportunity to expand their awareness on an individual level. All of the laws that guide specific societies should proceed from this foundation of individual growth to then define the parameters for how a particular society wants to grow as a unit, as a whole.

Groups of people who form what you today see as nation-states have a right to define certain laws for how the members of their group interact with each other, what form of government they decide to have and what laws guide the interaction of human beings in that society and also how that group interacts with the larger whole of humanity. When you realize this, when you accept this universal worth of all human beings, you can then step back and see what has been the missing ingredient, the missing link in people’s understanding of history. You can begin by realizing that there are some people in every historical period who have obviously and clearly demonstrated that they do not have this respect for the universal worth and value of all human beings.

You can see, in every society in the past, the formation of an elite. Although you may see that they use certain physical means and define certain privileged positions for themselves, what you can really begin to see is the mindset. These people did not have the mindset that all human beings on earth have equal worth and should have equal rights and equal opportunity to grow. They did not respect these universal rights and values; instead they respected only their own rights, only their own value. They did everything they could to set themselves up as an elite who was not only in control of the majority of the population but who had actually suppressed the majority of the population so that they were the worker bees that worked to maintain the privileged lifestyle of the elite.

The hidden influence of elitism
The one ingredient that is missing right now is an awakening to the influence of elitism on the course of humanity. In our spiritual teachings we have explained that the power elites of history are made up of a limited number of lifestreams that are what we have called fallen lifestreams. In a higher sphere than the material realm they decided to rebel against God’s plan and purpose for the universe. Nevertheless, it is not even necessary that people in general come to accept this idea, which many people are not ready to accept at this point—although, certainly the top 10 percent of the most spiritually aware people are ready to accept these concepts.

It is not necessary that society at large will accept this, as long as they are awakened to the concept that there is an elite and even that there has always been an elite. Even though the elite is not unified, nevertheless there is a unified intent and movement and force towards suppressing the general population. This means that the elite will resist the awakening, the growth in awareness of the general population.

Even though you have seen a tremendous growth in knowledge and awareness over the past 2,000 years there is still an elite who is seeking to limit the awareness of the population so that they can continue to suppress the majority of the people through the people’s ignorance of what is really going on. It is necessary for people at large to begin to realize that this elite is not made up of lifestreams who are stupid. They are highly intelligent and sophisticated and therefore they will seek to use whatever means are available in a given society. They are willing to adapt, and although most of them are not able to see that they are fighting a losing battle, they are nevertheless willing to adapt to the changing times and to accept that there are certain times where certain ideas cannot be held back.

Democracy and elitism
That is why you will see, for example, that there came a point where the power elites of the world accepted that democracy was inevitable; they could not prevent the birth of many democracies around the world. This does not mean that democratic societies do not have an elite and are not ruled by hidden elites. There is no democratic society that does not have people with the elitist mindset who actually look down on the population and feel that they are entitled to privileges and they are entitled to rule.

If you look at the democratic world, you will see that there are some rather small countries with just a few million people in the population and in such countries you do not find the most sophisticated or power-hungry members of the world-wide elite. The larger a country becomes, the more power it has and the more it will attract the lifestreams that want power and will seek to do anything they can to get this power. That is why, as I have said before, that there is no country in the democratic world that has a stronger power elite than the United States. There is hardly a country in what we call the democratic world that has a more elitist society than the United States where the elite do not openly control the political process but they control it in hidden ways through the money system, the financial system.

This is of course what you see world-wide. You may point to a country like Kazakhstan where many Western nations see that they have a leader who was not elected through the same democratic process as you have in the West, but the fact is that the United States is actually more elitist than a society like Kazakhstan. It is not necessarily a matter of the outer form of government, it is a matter of which kind of lifestreams are truly in charge of that society. I can assure you that there is hardly any population in the democratic world that is more deceived than Americans for they believe they have the most free nation in the world. It is not so for there is hardly a nation where a small elite has more control. There is hardly a nation where so few have so much control over so many. This then is the awakening that I have worked very hard for more than century to bring down through the identity, mental and emotional levels. The fact that I have been able to speak about this through sponsored messengers in embodiment shows that this awareness is beginning to spill into the physical.

Do not try to battle the elite
There are many people around the world who have never heard about Saint Germain or ascended masters but who have nevertheless opened their minds to receive fragments, impulses of this awareness. I ask those of you who are aware of ascended masters to hold the vision and to make the calls that this awareness will begin to break through on a larger and larger scale so that people become aware of the influence of elitism, the existence of the elitist mindset and the existence of an elite.

Now reach back to what I said in my previous discourses where we do not in any way desire to see the spiritual people on earth engage in a battle against the elite, neither do we desire to see the people of the world engage in a physical battle against the elite. We do not desire to see a repetition of the French Revolution or the Bolshevik Revolution or other violent revolutions. We do not desire to see civil wars like we see in Syria and other nations, we do not even desire to see violent uprisings and demonstrations against sitting governments. We have no problem with people demonstrating, but only peacefully.

We desire that you, who are the spiritual people, avoid going into the mindset that I described when I talked about ascended master students adopting a mindset of wanting to fight communism. I am in no way shape or form – mark my words – I am in no way encouraging ascended master students to engage in the epic mindset and think they have to destroy the elite for Saint Germain. You do not – you will not – further the descent of the golden age through force and violence. You will not help me bring the golden age by fighting the power elite. You will help me bring the golden age by helping to expose the power elite, by awakening the people to the existence of the power elite and then awakening the people to the mindset that is beyond the epic mindset, beyond the dualistic mindset.

My beloved, we will not manifest the golden age as long as the elite rules society, yet we will not overcome the elite through violence and force. We will not overcome the elite by destroying the elite, but by transcending the elitist mindset. How can a small power elite rule a nation as large as the United States where there is a free government that is elected by the people, where there is freedom of speech, where there is a so-called free press, even though it is not as free as it claims to be? Nevertheless, there is freedom of the press in the sense that anyone could start a newspaper or a website and spread information and the government could not stop it. Yet how does the elite rule?

It rules because it is taking advantage of the mindset of the majority of the people, and the majority of the people are still stuck in black-and-white thinking and the dualistic mindset, and even in the epic struggle. So many people in the United States believe that it is the duty of the United States to be a bulwark of freedom, a bastion of freedom, and to even spread freedom and democracy around the world.

Overcoming the epic mindset
I realize many Americans are beginning to question this mindset, especially after the Iraq war, but nevertheless there are still so many that are trapped in this mindset that the elite that rules America can rule because the people cannot even ask the questions—they are so blinded by this mindset.

What I need the spiritual people to do is to ask these questions and to be willing to look in the mirror and see where you have remnants of black-and-white thinking, where you have remnants of this epic mindset that portrays the world as an epic struggle between good and evil. We have already given sufficient teachings through this messenger that anyone who claims to be an ascended master student should be able to quickly transcend this epic mindset and realize that the epic struggle between good and evil is a struggle between the two dualistic polarities of the fallen consciousness. It has nothing to do whatsoever with the ascended master consciousness.

You will not ascend as long as you maintain any remnants of this consciousness in your being. You will ascend only by transcending it, you will manifest your Christhood only by transcending it. You will be able to express this Christhood in embodiment and help bring forth the golden age only by transcending this dualistic fallen mindset.

Those of you who are open to the existence of ascended masters, you are open because you have the potential to transcend this mindset in this embodiment. That is how you attain Christhood and qualify for your ascension. There is no other way, as we have now explained so many times that any of you should be able to find one explanation that resonates with your current level of consciousness. You can use it to take the next step up and even become aware that your ultimate goal of the spiritual path is to transcend this fallen mindset. You can demonstrate by example and by your teachings that it is possible for all people to transcend it, that it is necessary to transcend it for the birth of the golden age to become reality.

There are many aspects of the golden age that are ready to be born, but as you know with a woman who is ready to give birth there can be a delay for various reasons. I can assure you that the major delay right now is that those who call themselves ascended master students have not been willing to step back and look at the epic mindset and the necessity to transcend it in themselves so that they can help bring about society’s transcendence of this state of consciousness.

Thus, this is my instalment for now. I shall speak further on what will happen to society in practical terms when it begins to transcend this epic mindset and begins to acknowledge openly that the goal of an enlightened, awakened society is to extend equal opportunity to all people and to respect the humanity and the spirituality of each human being, therefore giving the best possible possibility for people to raise their consciousness on an individual basis. Yet, I shall seal you for now in the heart of Saint Germain.


Copyright © 2013 by Kim Michaels

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