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The questions most people cannot even ask


The questions most people cannot even ask

TOPICS: The power elite upholds the consciousness of separation - The consciousness of inequality - Asking the unasked questions - Why do democracies build armies? - Creating an enemy for the arms race - How to undermine a democracy - Capitalism financing communism - Educating children on basic psychology - A golden age approach to education - Psycho-spiritual welfare - The potential to serve other nations -


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Ascended Master Saint Germain, June 22, 2013, through Kim Michaels. Given at a conference in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Saint Germain I AM, and I wish to continue my discourse from this morning where I talked about the shift in consciousness. You first have the Alpha aspect, which is that people realize that they are more than human beings, that they are spiritual beings and that everything on earth is a schoolroom where they have the opportunity to raise their consciousness. Life has a purpose that reaches beyond the physical body and the pleasures you can encounter here on earth.

The Omega aspect of this realization is that life on earth is not the way it is meant to be because life on earth is not geared towards giving people equal opportunity, equal rights, equal worth. The reason for this is that there is an elite who is always seeking to set itself up to have privileges and power over the population. The elite does not have the mindset that all people have equal worth for they believe they are worth more than the ordinary people.

The power elite upholds the consciousness of separation
Why do the members of the elite not want people to have this awareness? Well, first of all because they do not want to be exposed, they do not want to be seen for what they are. They know that if people see the elite and see that they actually are like the Emperor who has noting on, then they will not be willing to submit to them. Why would you submit to the elite if you see that the elite has no power? How can you see that the elite has no power? You can see this when you recognize that you are more than a human being. You are a spiritual being, and therefore you do not have to submit to any power on earth.

This is what the Buddha demonstrated, this is what Jesus demonstrated, and this is what other spiritual leaders, such as Padma Sambhava, have demonstrated. You can attain a state of consciousness where you can walk the earth in a physical body, but you will not be subject to any power on earth. You are willing to be the open door for the power of God, and the power of God cannot be controlled by the power elite. They cannot maintain their power over the people when sufficient numbers among the people begin to see themselves as spiritual beings with the potential to be the open door for the power of God.

As we have said before, the last thing the power elite wants on earth is for people to follow Jesus’ example so there are suddenly 10,000 people with full Christhood in embodiment and many with a smaller degree of Christhood. Why is it they are actually so afraid of this? Because when there are people who have attained a degree of Christhood, they will not be subject to the consciousness that I have talked about, the consciousness of the elite. The essence of this consciousness is actually that you see yourself as a separate being, separated from God and separated from other people.

The consciousness of inequality
What does this lead to? It leads to the consciousness you see on earth, the consciousness of inequality. Do you see that the essence of the elitist consciousness is the exact opposite of the consciousness I outlined previously? I said that if all people are extensions of spiritual beings in a higher realm, then all people have equal worth and they deserve equal opportunity. The consciousness of elitism is based on a fundamental inequality so that all people are not created equal, they are not all endowed with inalienable rights that no power on earth can take away from them. The power elite can have power, they can have a privileged position, only if they are not equal to a majority of the population. They must find some kind of philosophy that puts people down and divides them into distinct categories. This is what you have seen in all past civilizations and you have seen it today as well.

You see how even the Christian religion, even the teachings given by Christ, were used to create, sustain and support an elitist society where the king and the noble class and the church hierarchy formed a privileged class and the majority of the population were literally the property or the slaves of this privileged class. You have seen even under communism – where the comment was made that all people would be equal and that there would be no classes in society – yet, of course, there was a class for those who ran the communist system. As I said, this promise was also made in the democratic nations that all are equal under the law, but as you see in the United States and in other nations, clearly there is an elite who rules through economic power, rules behind the scenes.

As I said, this elite can rule only because the majority of the population are also blinded by this illusion of separation. This is what makes it possible that you can see such incredible inequality on earth between, for example, the rich countries, such as the United States, and some of the poorest countries that you see in Africa, Asia or Southeast Asia.

When you begin to attain a degree of Christ discernment, you first of all have the Alpha realization: “I am not a human being, I am more than a human being, I am more than an evolved animal, I am a spiritual being that descended from above.” As you begin to truly integrate this realization, you will come to the point where you look around you and you say: “Well, if I am a spiritual being, then where did all other people on earth come from? Are they not also spiritual beings as well?” This leads you to the obvious realization that: “Yes, all human beings originated as spiritual beings.”

This leads you to a state of consciousness that is characterized by oneness instead of separation. There is the vertical oneness of you knowing you are one with God instead of separated from God. There is also the horizontal oneness where you know that you are one with all other human beings instead of being separated from them. This is what Jesus expressed when he said: “I and my Father are one” and “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” This is what you begin to feel when you attain a degree of Christhood.

Asking the unasked questions
When you have this Christ discernment, you can step back and you can begin to ask some of the millions of questions that people who are trapped in the consciousness of separation simply cannot ask because they cannot even conceive of these questions. I already gave an example of how the scientific elite can sit there and spend billions of dollars researching inconsequential theories, seeking to prove inconsequential theories, while millions of people are starving.

You can ask: “How is it possible that you can have these nations that have such a high degree of material welfare – such that truly no one needs more and certainly no one should want more – as long as there are two billion people or more living under the poverty level and millions of people starving?” Only the consciousness of separation can explain the fact that many among the richest nations are completely absorbed in their affluent lifestyle, only focused on getting more and more money, more and more property, bigger houses, bigger cars, more vacations. And by the way, when they go on vacations, do they go and see how people really live in other parts of world? Nay, they may travel to a country where there are many poor people but they travel to the protected and exclusive tourist resorts that are set up by the international power elite.

What kind of consciousness fails to have compassion for the fact that not everyone has a lifestyle that is worthy of spiritual beings? Well, only the consciousness of separation. I am not here seeking to blame anyone nor am I seeking to shame anyone into changing their approach. I am simply pointing out that what will bring the golden age into manifestation is that millions of people attain a degree of Christ discernment where they naturally begin to ask these questions and ask them publicly, project them out publicly through all means available to them. This ranges from discussing this with their acquaintances to writing about it in any outlet where there is an opening, and even creating outlets where there is no opening such as creating organizations that seek to raise awareness about these issues. This includes the organization Mother Mary outlined the last time we gave a conference here in Kazakhstan, of an organization raising the awareness of the issues related to women. LINK But there are many other such organizations that can be created to raise awareness of particular issues.

For that matter, it is possible to create a worldwide umbrella organization that has as its goal to raise awareness through all means possible. This, of course, is an endeavor that will require many people of a variety of experiences. You may say: “Well, what about the United Nations, is that not one of the purposes behind the United Nations?” Certainly it could be, but right now it is not being fulfilled as I envision it for there are, of course, not enough people who dare to openly acknowledge that life has a spiritual side. Society, civilization cannot fulfill its potential if we do not acknowledge that life has a spiritual side. There is only so far we can go as human beings. Only when we achieve Christ discernment, will be able to step back and ask the questions that we cannot even ask from the consciousness of separation.

Why do democracies build armies?
Another question to ask: “Why is it that there are democratic nations who continue to build up their armies, such as the United States continuing to create more and more sophisticated weapons even though there truly is no enemy for which they need these weapons?” They are not needed for the national defense, and I would remind you that the constitution specifically says that the Federal Government is to provide for the national defense. It does not say that the Federal Government has the obligation to create an armed force that can strike anywhere around the globe at any time and overturn governments or start a war here or there or anywhere that someone desires. National defense, my beloved, does not require nuclear-driven aircraft carriers that can send a strike force anywhere around the world.

Do you see that as long as a nation is in this state of consciousness, it is projecting into the cosmic mirror? What the cosmic mirror will project back is not necessarily an enemy who can threaten the United States but certainly the appearance of such an enemy, and thus seemingly the justification for continuing this completely unnecessary arms race.

Imagine if not only the money that is put into arms and the research into more arms could be freed up. Imagine that the minds of the scientists who are right now focusing on weapons research could be freed up to do other things, such as alternative forms of energy, eradicating disease, eradicating poverty and hunger. For this to happen, you have to question: “Why has it not already happened?”

Creating an enemy for the arms race
The only answer is, again, that the members of the elite do not want it to happen. They want to maintain their power and their privileges. They want to maintain, first of all, the sense that they are special, that they belong to an elite that has more than the people. Do you see that they do not want equality, they do not want equal opportunity; they want privileged positions that no one can challenge?

This is what they always wanted. They loved the feudal societies of Europe for they were born into a position and stayed in it for a lifetime. They have been trying to recreate this kind of a society under the disguise of democracy and a so-called free-market economy. Of course, hardly any country has had a free economy for the last century where capitalism has managed to spread its tentacles to all of the nations that were not under communism. As some of you will know, it even spread its tentacles into communism for who financed Lenin and the Bolshevik revolution? Who continued to extend credit to the Soviet Union so that they could continue to build the arms that necessitated the ongoing arms race between East and West? Do you see, my beloved, if you don’t have a real enemy, you have to create one? Then you have the dualistic battle between the two sides which is the hallmark of the dualistic consciousness?

How many people on earth can even ask such questions? When you see tens of thousands of people attain a higher degree of Christhood, then they will begin to ask these questions. Some have already started. You who are the spiritual people, who know about the ascended masters, visualize and make calls that these people become even more aware and become even more courageous. Visualize that there is a growing awareness that no society can afford to allow its government and the media to shut down the people who dare to speak out.

How to undermine a democracy
Look at the United States and how they have persecuted one person who dared to leak confidential files to Wikileaks. My beloved, you may say that he was unpatriotic and endangered the nation, but I would say that what truly endangers the nation is when a government does not have transparency. Who is it that does not want transparency? As I said: the power elite. What is it that they have done, my beloved? As I said in my previous discourse, they are not stupid. Do you not realize that when they saw the emergence of the United States as a democratic nation that had attempted to root out elitism, they became very concerned. They became even more concerned when they saw other nations follow the example of the United States and institute democracies.

What is the essence of a democracy? It is that each person in that society has one vote and that all votes count the same. What many do not realize is that each person must cast his or her vote based on what they know. They cannot vote based on what they do not know. What does this mean? It means that a democracy can function at its highest potential only when there is complete transparency in the government and in businesses and in all aspects of society.

Do you think the power elite liked this development? Do you not realize that they saw – decades earlier – what was coming and that democracies would have to become more and more transparent and therefore the power elite could hid less and less? Do you really think it was beyond their capacity to say: “We need to stop this and how can we do it? Ah, we will create an enemy of democracy, namely the Soviet Union.” The Soviet Union would be hostile and it would have spies that go into the West and it itself would be secretive and try to prevent people in the West from knowing what was going there. Now, with the creation of this one state apparatus, you suddenly had the justification that made democratic leaders say: “But we cannot allow ourselves to be transparent for then the Soviet Union will know all our secrets and they will be able to destroy us. We need to keep certain things secret for the Soviet Union.” Of course, the real issue was that the power elite wanted to keep things secret from the people in democratic nations.

Capitalism financing communism
This is just a brief glimpse into how the more sophisticated members of the power elite think. This is just a brief glimpse into what they can do in terms of one banker in the United States seeing the potential for a revolution in Russia, seeking out the person who might carry it out and then giving Lenin the impetus, the finances to actually start a process. Surely, Morgan and other bankers did not know whether their attempt would be successful. In fact they could not even imagine that it would lead to the creation of the Soviet Union as powerful as it became.

Nevertheless, it shows you how those who are members of the power elite in embodiment, even without knowing the full extent of what they are doing, become tools for the darker forces that are out of embodiment and who see even more of a negative potential than people in embodiment. This is why there is only one force that can counteract this and that is that more and more people in embodiment attain Christ discernment. You can then be the open doors for the ascended masters, which is the only force that really can counteract the dark forces and the embodied power elite that seek to take the earth down into a self-destructive spiral.

The earth is in an upward spiral, but it is in an upward spiral only because some people on earth have dared to be the open door for the spiritual light and higher ideas. Many have done this but many more are ready in this age to awaken to their potential to be the open doors, to have the raised awareness that allows them to go with whatever expertise they have. Or they might even go with expertise they don’t have but they suddenly feel the determination: “I need to study this area. I need to understand how the economy works, how politics works, how education works.” Then they go out and speak out, then they go out there and ask the questions.

Educating children on basic psychology
Another question that needs to be asked is: “Why hasn’t society educated children in how to deal with their own personal psychology, overcome their own personal limitations, so that they themselves can have happier and fulfilled lives?” Well, there is only one answer: The power elite does not want people to overcome their wounds because it is through the wounds that both the embodied power elite and the dark forces behind them can control people. Do you not see that billions of people on this planet, even in the richest nations of the world, are leading lives of intense suffering? Not because of physical causes but because of their internal psychological wounds, which causes them to live an entire lifetime in a constant state of inner agitation and suffering.

Why haven’t the rich nations looked at this and said: “Now that we have provided physical, material welfare, isn’t it time we provide psycho-spiritual welfare? If we really want people to overcome these wounds, then we need to recognize they are more than human, they are spiritual beings.” That is why they have the potential to overcome their wounds and manifest a state of consciousness where they are not ,as Jesus described 2,000 years ago, houses divided against themselves that cannot stand against the elite.

Do you not see that Jesus actually sought to start a movement that could help people attain healing through the power of the Holy Spirit and Christ awareness? People would be willing to look at the beam in their own eye, wrestle with their own psychology and come to that point of inner resolution where they were able to have Christ discernment and express it in society without being emotionally and psychologically destroyed by the forces that be. Do you not see – if you take a look at some of the people in history who have attempted to change things, who have attempted to speak up – do you not see that many of them had their own internal psychological issues? Many did not fulfill their missions because of such issues, many did only a small fraction of what they could have done. Many more never even got started on their missions and therefore are not known to the public.

There is such an incredible potential if any nation would make a determined policy to teach children from an early age how to heal their psychology and find inner peace and resolution. Can you imagine the creativity that would be unleashed for that nation? Certainly, some of the smaller affluent nations are ready to make this commitment for they do not have, as I said, so many representatives of the power elite that they can stop this. It is really only a matter of the public awareness making a simple shift so that people begin to say: “Why haven’t we done this, it is so obvious we need to do this?” The power elite wants to abort Christhood before it can manifest. That is why there are so many things in society that are going on, and are allowed to go on, that are specifically designed to magnify, or at least prevent the resolution of people’s psychological limitations. Education truly is one of the most prominent examples of this where you have again the power elite creating a division.

A golden age approach to education
The power elite, seventeen centuries ago, took over the Christian religion. When they became aware that the Christian religion could no longer dominate the intellectual life of Western societies, they instantly started to create the opposite: scientific materialism. This is another dualistic polarity like capitalism and communism.

Since then, they have now managed to create a society that is divided. There are still many people who hold on to traditional Christian values and there are many people who are equally intent on promoting the materialistic life-view. You now have democratic nations who have a complete inconsistency for they cannot decide what kind of people they are ministering to from their governments. They have a Constitution that is based on the idea that all people have rights, but you cannot have rights unless they are given by a higher authority. If rights are given by state, then whoever runs the state defines the rights that are given to the people. Then you do not have democracy, my beloved, you cannot have democracy.

So if you have a democratic nation that recognizes that people have rights, yet at the same time this nation will not recognize that people are spiritual beings, then you have an inconsistency. Why will they not recognize that people are spiritual beings? First of all, there is the opposition from scientific materialism which says there is nothing beyond the material realm so people cannot be spiritual beings. Then there is the fact that you have the opposite polarity, also defined by the power elite, which makes people think that if they do recognize that people are spiritual beings, then we go back to the old days of being dominated by Christianity. No one wants that so society is stuck in a no-gods land where they do not know what to do.

There is an alternative to traditional Christianity and to scientific materialism. It is the universal form of spirituality. When societies begin to recognize this, then they can begin to create an educational system that from a very early age teaches children what kind of beings they are: You are psycho-spiritual beings. You have the potential to overcome the limitations in your own psychology; the limitations that go back many lifetimes. Whatever you have experienced in your childhood in this lifetime, does not determine who you are because you brought a lot with you. Even what you brought with you does not determine who you are for you have the potential to rise above it.

Then you proceed to give children tools to rise above this. When you create and educational establishment like this, within a generation you will have an entirely new approach to society. You will have children who were brought up with an understanding of their own psychology and the potential to master their psychology. In many cases, they will have a sense of purpose and that one of the purposes of life is to precisely attain self-mastery.

Psycho-spiritual welfare
Just imagine what will happen when those children begin to have children. What we see today is, of course, that most parents export their own unresolved psychology onto their children, which is why you see so many dysfunctional families. Is it really so hard to look at the fact that most affluent nations have more and more psychological family and social problems, more and more dysfunctional families, more and more divorces, more and more shipwrecked children. Is it really impossible to look at all of this and say: “Why is this happening? We need to understand why this is happening”

Then you realize it is because when you have reached a certain level of material affluence, it is necessary for society to step up and look at the psycho-spiritual welfare of its members. This becomes the goal of that society if it is to transcend itself instead of becoming subject to the second law of thermodynamics, starting to disintegrate from within and from without.

Today, you have hardly any child that was not negatively affected by the unresolved psychology of the parents. You have children who grow up with psychological wounds, having no idea how to deal with them and therefore exporting them to the children as well. You see how these psychological wounds are inherited from generation to generation and generation. Over several generations they can actually begin to affect the genetic makeup so that children are born even with genes that predispose them to have mental problems, mental diseases. Many among the current generation are born with these, what we might call “dangerous” or “explosive” genes that predispose them to have attention deficit disorder or some of the many other diseases that are common today, including schizophrenia in many of its subtle forms.

Society looks at this and they think that nothing can be done about it, but the reality is that when you are willing to raise your awareness, when you are willing to invoke the light of God, you can rise above your genetic predisposition. You can then reverse the trend so that you can pass on better genes to your children. Within three or four generations, all of these explosive strands of genes can be completely eradicated from a society so that children now are not born with a genetic makeup but only have to deal with a psychological makeup that they carry with them in their souls from lifetime to lifetime.

The potential to serve other nations
My beloved, there are thousands of such unusual questions that can be asked, that must be asked for the golden age to manifest. I am not intent on defining all of them, although I will certainly bring more to your attention in the coming years. Nevertheless, there are already millions of people in embodiment who – with a simple raising of awareness – could suddenly raise their minds above the cloud, above the fog, of the collective consciousness.

People suddenly begin to see these questions and see how in their own life experience they have encountered all of these conditions that in their hearts they know are not right. They could never really see why, and now they see it and now they are ready to speak out and say: “The emperor has nothing on, the power elite have nothing on and it is time that we step up to a higher awareness of this particular problem and even all aspects of society. We need to ask ourselves what is the highest potential for the modern affluent democracies? Is it really enough to continue on the track we are on, or do we have a potential to step up to where we realize that because we have worked ourselves to a higher potential, to a higher situation, we now have the privilege, the joy the potential to serve other nations, to seek to raise up the whole of the family of nations. Then we can take our own nations to a higher level.”

When you reach the level that many Western democracies and some nations in other parts of the world have – such as Australia and New Zealand and several countries in Southeast Asia, including Japan – when you reach the level that these nations have reached, then you simply cannot go higher unless you begin to serve others.

My beloved, look at the nation of Japan. Go back to a decade or two ago when it enjoyed unparalleled material prosperity. Yet because it continued to isolate itself, what has happened since then? The economy has gone down, and you will see the same tendency in all other affluent democracies. For that matter, you are already seeing this to some degree. I tell you that until these nations acquire enough Christ-perspective that they can begin to serve others, even to serve the whole of humanity, then they will go into these downward spirals.

It will seem to them as if there is no way out, but there is a way UP, my beloved. There is no way out for you cannot solve these problems horizontally. You can transcend them by going up and by looking honestly at how you can serve others.

That, then, is the address that I wish to bring forth at this time, in the space-time continuum. Rest assured that I have my own spiritual continuum that I will continue to bring forth. Thus, I seal you for now in the heart of Saint Germain.


Copyright © 2013 by Kim Michaels

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