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Planet X Update


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Planet X, Nibiru, the Red Dragon, Hercolubus, Planet 7X, Wormwood, Red Kachina, Nemesis


The last 10 years i have been collecting much valuable information on many subjects on the several Facebook pages that were published of the Party for Love Governance, the Movement of Love group, the Splendor Solis page dedicated to alternative medicine and of course my own personal Facebook page.

Since Fakebook decided to disable all pages on January the 17th 2021, all this work seems lost. So for the record and thos who are new to this initiative, note that what we publish now is a continuation of a investigation and story that started 20 years ago and has been updated on Facebook for 10 years. The same goes for many other storylines that we developed about vaccines, alternative medicine, the NWO, chemtrails, EMF & 5G, politics, spirituality and much much more. What FB and other platforms such as YouTube, Twitter and Google are doing is the modern version of medieval book burning of those who do not agree and comply with the satanic agenda of antichrist. In the endgame this leads to what is prophecied in the Book of Revelation, God wins, Christ returns and  even now we see that the Golden Age of Aquarius is already emerging in the dawning Light of a brand new day. Halleluja Prais e the Lord !

Planet X, Nibiru, the Red Dragon, Hercolubus, Planet 7X, Wormwood, Red Kachina, Nemesis

In short: These are some names that more or less refer to the same topic. It is about a mini solar system called the Nemesis system that is connected to our solar system and once in some say 3600 years it enters our solar system. Planet X or Niburu is one of the planetary bodies in this mini solar system, Nemesis being its sun. Nemesis also is according to some researchers the second sun of our binary solar system. The history of this system can be traced back in the Bible and many other old cultures mention it. I am not going to repeat what can be found on the net, if you are a newbee on this topic, do your own research.

For twenty years I have been following Planet X researchers all over the world and sought for confirmation in the ancient texts such as the Bible and the book of Henoch. My interest in this kind of topics come from the fundamental and existential questions i had since i was very young, such as "who am i, where do i come from, where am i going and why am i here?

Studying these subjects raised many other secondary questions, such as:

Are we alone in the universe or are there many other livestreams, even much more advanced civilisations physical and non physical beings in  our solar system and beyond? Who created us ( as physical beings )? The Bible as a whole tells the story of the fall of mankind from Paradise and the role of Lucifer and the fallen angels through the history of the Jewish People culminating in the resurrection  and ascension of Jesus the Christ. It also gives us the Prophecies written in the Old and New Testament  about  the End Times ( The Apocalyps) of the Age of Pisces and the beginning of the new, more enlightened era of Aquarius.

And yes, as more people start to understand, we live in these End Times now and collectively experience what can be called the Final Days. For those who do not know me, i am a humble student of the Mystery School and studied in the Halls of Learning in this and previous lifetimes. That is why i have in this lifetime, been seeking for Truth since i was aroud seven years old and it has been  the main quest of my life.

I am blessed with a strong connection with the inner teacher, also called the Christ Self, which among other things mean that by intuition , one can know all things, only limited by the measure of Christ consciousness that one has developed.. This goes for all disciples of Christ and anybody who is willing can become a student of the one universal mysteryschool that that Planet Earth provides. In fact many more people are students of the Ascended Masters, the teachers of this Mystery School,  than those who are in daily life conscious of this fact. The sad thing is that almost everything in modern society is preventing the people becoming aware of their spiritual origin and guidance. But those who sincerely seek will find the Way.

Luke 11:9 and Matthew 7:7 says:

"So I tell you: Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.…"

Below are some updates and information to spiritually prepare for what is coming. This page will be updated reguraly

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