'My People Perish for Lack of Knowledge'

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Video: A clear vision on the current world situation in which we experience a spiritual war that will decide whether we and future generations will live in Freedom or in bondage. A call to rise up!

Dutch : Een duidelijke visie op de huidige wereldsituatie waarin we een spirituele oorlog ervaren die zal beslissen of wij en toekomstige generaties in vrijheid of in slavernij zullen leven. Een oproep om op te staan!

What is really the goal and  consequence of mandated vaccination and the vaccine passport..?



MORE: WELCOME TO THE NETHERLANDS - From a Democracy to a Police State

What happened to the Netherlands since the murder of Pim Fortuyn May 6 2002 ?

Demanding Justice for Joost Knevel.

By Janet Ossebaard. See also on this website:
Fall of the Cabal and The sequel to the Fall of the Cabal

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