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EMR EMF Radiation wifi

"SOON it will happen to you, people need to know it's coming"

Dangers of EMF's: 123456G, RADAR,WIFI, SMARTMETERS etc.
We told you from the beginning:It's certain electromagnetic frequencies, that are making us sick, not the non existing Corona virus.

 Dangers of 5G / WIFI - Martin Pall, PhD 

Quote: "Due to regulatory loop-holes, telecom providers continue to install hundreds of small WiFi antennae on utility poles in neighbourhoods across BC without giving notice to citizens. These antennae are paving the way for 5G and will radiate 10 to 100 times more energy than today's 4G wireless signals - which have already been scientifically shown to be biologically hazardous. Scientists warn that higher power 5G signals will pose risks to all life on the planet : people, animals, insects and plants. Despite no research proving 5G WiFi to be safe, all of this is happening thanks to deceptive marketing, under-informed politicians, and academics who look the other way to protect their careers. It is up to us to say no. Listen to Martin Paul, PhD, Professor Emeritus in Biochemistry and Basic Medical Science from Washington State University, a leading expert on the biological effects of radiation from cell phones, WiFi and 5G wireless. He gave public talks in June and July 2019 in Salt Spring Island, Victoria, Naniamo, Bowen Island, Vancouver, Surrey, British Columbia and Bellingham, WA. Tour was arranged by http://CETH.ca . Thankyou to Mr Pall for speaking in Canada.




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