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Corona Blues

corona blues

The Party for Love Governance presents Corona Blues & 'The Great Awakening"

 Since the end of February 2020 we are monitoring the Corona Crisis on our Facebook page in a series of posts called: 'The Great Awakening'

Sofar we posted 47 messages on Facebook about this topic, that are not available anymore , since "FAKEBOOK" suspended our pages .

Roeland Solcer who in 2006 created this project, "the Party for Love Governance", in Dutch "Partij voor de Liefde", stated from the beginning of 2020 that this "PLANDEMIC" is a "false flag operation" of the New World Order Cabal, with several covert agenda's. ( such as undermining Freedom and Human Rights, Power grab, depopulation, submission of the people by the schemes of the antichrist))

Below you find some of the most important messages including my comments and links to other relevant information. The first video is recorded by myself  on Friday the 3th of April 2020. It is more or less an introduction to the video's that follow.

1. FORMER VODAFONE BOSS BLOWS WHISTLE ON 5G CORONAVIRUS - End of the world, beginning of the new world. If you weren't already a little worried about 5G frequencies then check out this video. It ties in very nicely with our flu pandemic. The world is definitely taking a turn. Make plans to change your entire life.


2. The Party for Love Governance presents 'The Great Awakening' Part 47: "Kerry Cassidy interview ~ Update on CV & 5-G Roll Out and The Show Down Happening with Laura Eisenhower" . We discuss 5-G, CV, A I, Extra-Terrestrials, War of Worlds, Mandatory Vaccines, QAnon, Spiritual abilities and human potential, the Intel she has been getting and so much more!

Kerry Lynn Cassidy is the CEO and Founder of Project Camelot and Project Camelot TV Network LLC. She is a broadcaster, documentary filmmaker and investigative reporter. In November 2005 she began filming documentary interviews and in April 2006 she teamed up with Bill Ryan and founded Project Camelot. For over 15 years, Kerry has been traveling the world conducting interviews and documenting the testimony of whistleblowers with above top secret clearances as well as authors, researchers and experiencers covering conspiracies, the secret space program, black projects, ETs, free energy and more.
Check out the rest of her bio on her website!

#5G Apocalypse full movie:

3. See also: Former President Of Microsoft Canada, Frank Clegg: 5G Wireless IS NOT SAFE:

David Icke's articles: "The Coronavirus 5G Connection and Coverup" :
And: "The Goal of New World Order - RFID Chip for Everyone" - Aaron Russo
 Dutch video: Het vermoeden van Martijn Vis
Een oorlog reeds verloren / een vrede reeds gewonnen

Correlatie is geen causatie, maar voor rozenteler Martijn Vis is de relatie tussen zendmasten van onder andere defensie en de coronagevallen in ieder geval onmiskenbaar. Hij zocht contact met Sven en nodigde hem uit om een opname te maken waarin hij zijn bevindingen kon delen met een groter publiek.Martijn neemt ons mee in zijn eigen verhaal over hoe hij naar de natuur kijkt en de werking van straling op gezondheid van planten, mensen en dieren. Of zijn beweringen wetenschappelijk onderzoek met de juiste meetinstrumenten zullen doorstaan heeft Sven niet kunnen bevestigen, maar de bevindingen van Martijn zijn op zijn minst b ijzonder te noemen. Zou er werkelijk een verband kunnen zijn tussen straling, virussen en/of het immuunsysteem? Een belangrijk puzzelstukje in een steeds moeilijker te doorgronden wereld.

All parts of this series on the Great Awakening were published on our FB page that is disabled by FB on February 20th 2021
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